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Broda Benefits

Our goal is to promote and preserve the wellbeing of the people who use our products. Each wheelchair, glider, or shower commode is designed to make life comfortable, safe, and enjoyable in any care setting. The Broda Benefits represent the value you can expect when you choose Broda.

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Broda is a trusted manufacturer of durable medical equipment for any care environment.

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Your Broda Journey Starts Here

From finding a supplier near you, to navigating insurance funding, the Broda team is here for you – every step of the way. Ready to order? Let’s get you started.

1. Seating Assessment

Before you order, you’ll need a seating assessment with your primary care provider. The provider will help you determine the best wheelchair for your environment and lifestyle. Broda has lots of resources on our website to help prepare you for your seating assessment.

2. Configure Your Wheelchair & Receive a Quote 

Our support team will help you and your primary care provider configure your new wheelchair with the right size and functionality. You can also personalize your wheelchair by choosing colors and accessories to fit your lifestyle. Then, we’ll send you a quote for the purchase price.

3. Order Confirmation & Tracking

Once payment is received, we’ll confirm your order and send you tracking information. Our shipping is among the fastest in the industry and we’ll have your new wheelchair ready to roll as soon as possible. Our wheelchairs are shipped with all accessories pre-installed – no assembly required!

4. Delivery & Fitting from Local Broda Partner

Our local Broda partners will deliver your wheelchair directly to your residence. During this visit, they will make sure the chair matches your specifications and make any adjustments so that it fits you perfectly.

5. Support & Maintenance

Our wheelchairs are very durable, but over time, you may have questions or need repairs. Contact us any time and we’ll be happy to help you find repair services and replacement parts.


The entire team at Broda exhibits expertise and professionalism in their daily actions. They have an in-depth knowledge of their industry and the products that bring the biggest value to the end user. It has been a pleasure working with the Broda Group.

Judy Kovacs

Family Member, Broda customer since 2021

Broda’s wheelchairs make it easier for caregivers to provide optimal care with less stress on the client and the caregiver. For example, easier transfers, easier re-positioning, less maintenance, and easier mobility.

Carole P.


The Synthesis Positioning Wheelchair has been a blessing for my father, his caregivers, and my family. The Synthesis Positioning Wheelchair improves his quality of life, and I can’t imagine him not being in it over the past few years. We are fortunate that the Veteran’s Association will fund a Broda wheelchair for veterans like him.

Kent P.

Family Member

Our Tranquille gliders are always disappearing out of our common areas and end up in our patients’ rooms We don’t know how they get there, but they love them and prefer sitting in them more than anything else. One patient with a back injury told us this was the only chair he could sit comfortably in. He wanted to take it home with him after his rehabilitation was complete.

Josiah D.

Facility Administrator

Broda’s Revive Shower Commode meets our patient’s needs. He indicates he feels safe, and he can participate in his own care each morning. He is always safe while in the chair, and the caregivers are always safe while providing his care. All staff report being pleased with the commode and find it much easier to assist him.


Director of Nursing

For facilities, we are using Broda to reduce their cost of patient transportation. For the consumers it’s just comfort. Broda provides 100% comfort; you can’t even compare the difference between Broda wheelchairs to other wheelchairs.  

Weslava P.

Graceful Living Medical Transportation

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