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Your Safety is Our Priority

At Broda, patient safety is our top priority. We design every piece of medical equipment to keep you safe as well as comfortable. From our easy-to-use tilt and recline, to our no-lift transfers, each Broda wheelchair minimizes your risk of falls, pressure injuries, and other personal risks. We use only the most durable, high-quality materials and the safest designs. During our design and manufacturing process, we make sure that you are secure every time you use your wheelchair for years to come.

Safe Patient Handling

When a user relies on a caregiver for mobility, safe patient handling is critical. During everyday care, it’s common for wheelchair users to experience injuries. Falls are the leading cause of death in seniors over 65 years of age.1 Falls are especially prevalent during transfers. Be that as it may, falls risks can be mitigated with the proper equipment. Broda offers built-in safety features on our wheelchairs, shower commode chairs, and gliders that prevent falls. Chiefly, Broda wheelchairs have removable, arm supports, leg supports, and shoulder bolsters. As a result, the patient can transfer smoothly from their bed to their wheelchair. This significantly improves patient safety.

No-Lift Transfers

Many of these safety features ensure that fall risks are minimized during transfers from bed to wheelchair. Without a Broda wheelchair, caregivers must physically lift the user from their bed, either manually or with a mechanical lift. This can be painful and dangerous for the person receiving care and for the caregiver.

With a Broda wheelchair, users and caregivers can enjoy “no-lift” transfers. How is this possible? Many of our wheelchairs recline to the point that they provide a flat surface on which the patient can lie down. With these products, a “no-lift” transfer is as easy as 1, 2, 3!

  1. First, recline the wheelchair to the full 90 degrees.
  2. Next, remove swing-away arm supports and slide out the shoulder bolster adjacent to the user’s bed.
  3. Finally, place the flat, reclined wheelchair next to the bed and slide the patient from their bed, directly into their Broda wheelchair.

Then, from the reclined position, the user can be re-positioned according to their needs or preferences.

Patient Safety for All Care Environments

We design each wheelchair to provide ideal support for your unique anatomy. Caregivers can easily adapt the wheelchair’s measurements and accessories for users in multiple care environments or stages of life. Key customizations make Broda wheelchairs safe and ergonomic throughout the care continuum.

Broda is committed to patient safety. Have questions? Contact us today to schedule a demonstration or in-service.


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