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Have a question about Broda or our products? Browse the Frequently Asked Questions below for answers to our most commonly-asked questions. Still need help after reading our Frequently Asked Questions? Contact our team for assistance.

How much does it cost to buy a Broda wheelchair?

The price of a Broda wheelchair, shower commode, or glider varies based on the model, configuration, and the purchase or rental options offered by our local Broda Partners. Our team of experts will help you select the best chair or wheelchair for your needs. Our support team and partners will configure the specific accessories, padding packages, colors and features so that you receive the perfect fit. Our experts will also help you navigate any state, provincial and federal government funding programs that can alleviate some of the final costs. 

Can I purchase Broda wheelchairs with Medicare, other insurance policies, or through government funding programs?

Yes, in some cases and jurisdictions Broda’s chairs and wheelchairs are available for funding. Check out the How to Pay for Your Broda Wheelchair page for more information.

Where can I purchase Broda equipment near me?

Broda wheelchairs are available for sale in a global network of medical equipment providers. Chances are, there’s a Broda supplier near you. Give us a call or send us your request and we’ll help you find a Broda wheelchair near you. 

How do I measure myself, a patient, or a loved one for a Broda wheelchair?

Broda wheelchairs are built to order, so taking the right measurements is important! Use our seating assessment to guide you through the measurement process. All you’ll need is a computer, phone, or tablet and a tape measure.

Can I replace parts on my Broda wheelchair, shower commode, or glider if they wear out or break?

Absolutely! If you need repairs during the lifetime of your wheelchair, our team is here to help. We sell replacement parts and we can connect you to a qualified Broda repair technician if you need help with installation. Keep in mind that all Broda parts come with a 2-year warranty and may be eligible for complimentary replacement, depending on the age of the equipment. 

Are Broda’s chairs and wheelchairs considered geriatric (Geri) chairs or furniture?


Broda’s products are classified as Durable Medical Equipment. According to the FDA’s Department of Health and Human ServicesBroda’s chairs and wheelchairs fall under the Medical Device category and are classified as Class I Mechanical Wheelchairs. 

For example, here is the FDA Establishment Registration & Device Listing of the Synthesis Tilt Recliner that is registered and classified as a Mechanical Wheelchair (Product Code IOR; Regulation Number 890.3850). 

The Veteran’s Health Association’s Prosthetic Clinical Management Program (PCMP)validates the clinical use of Broda products as Manual Wheelchairs with Tilt and Recline Combination Seat Functions. 

In Ontario Canada, the Assistive Devices Program (ADP)registers Broda’s products as Adult Manual Dynamic Tilt Wheelchairs.

Are additional cushions required or recommended when using a Broda wheelchair?

Not necessarily, but it depends on each user’s specific seating needs. 

An OT, PT, ATP, or seating specialist should be consulted for a seating evaluation. Broda offers numerous custom solutions for most seating needs. All of our positioning and pedal wheelchairs come with our unique Comfort Tension Seating®, which conforms to the user’s body. We also include thin seat padding to reduce skin sheer and maintain a low seat surface height for ergonomic foot propulsion. On our rehabilitation wheelchairs, we use cushions from the Motion Concepts Matrx® Seating Series. These come pre-installed on your wheelchair, no assembly required. 

How do I order one of Broda’s chairs or wheelchairs?

Broda will work with you to select the best option for your needs. We will also identify your local Broda Partner who will assist you in purchasing, renting, or repairing your Broda wheelchair, shower commode, or glider. View our step-by-step ordering guide to learn more about the configuring and ordering process.

Are Broda positioning wheelchairs considered restraints?

No. When used properly – following a physician’s order and a patient care plan – our tilt & recline seating systems are not considered restraints.; they are classified as Supportive Positioning Devices. 

According to the Electronic Code of Federal Regulations, “A restraint is any manual method, physical or mechanical device, material, or equipment that immobilizes or reduces the ability of a patient to move his or her arms, legs, body, or head freely” (CFR 482.13(e)(1)). This definition does not apply to wheelchairs, seating systems, and secondary supports when used to provide postural support, stability, pressure distribution and pressure relief, as opposed to intentionally immobilizing or reducing movement. 482.13(e)(1)(i)(C)  

See RESNA Position on the Application of Wheelchairs, Seating Systems, and Secondary Supports for Positioning vs Restraint for details. 

How much tilt or recline is needed to be clinically effective?

The greater angles of tilt and recline provide better pressure relief. The greatest reductions in pressure are seen when tilt and recline are used together, either at tilt of 35° with recline 100° or tilt of 15-25° with recline of 120°. Tilt, when used alone, must be greater than about 25° to achieve pressure relief and/or tissue perfusion at the ischial tuberosities. Recline, when used alone, can increase shear but may provide reduction in pressure at the ischial tuberosities at angles greater than 90-100°. 

See RESNA Position on the Application of Tilt, Recline, and Elevating Leg rests for Wheelchairsfor more details. 

How do you clean and disinfect Broda’s products?

Broda products are easy to clean. Use the following solutions to disinfect on a regular basis: 

  • Clean with a solution of 1:4 ratio of bleach to water. You can also use peroxide, and quaternary ammonium at the recommended dilution. Rinse thoroughly with clean water and pat dry 

For more details, please see our Cleaning & Disinfecting Guide 

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