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Frequently Asked Questions

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Have a question about Broda or our products? Browse the Frequently Asked Questions below for answers to our most commonly-asked questions. Still need help after reading our Frequently Asked Questions? Contact our team for assistance.

Before You Buy

What is a Broda Chair?

How much does a Broda wheelchair cost?

Are Broda wheelchairs considered restraints?

Are Broda wheelchairs considered “Geri” chairs?

Purchasing a Broda Wheelchair

How do I order a Broda wheelchair?

Where can I buy a Broda wheelchair near me?

How do I measure for a Broda wheelchair?

Does insurance and/or Medicare cover Broda wheelchairs?

Using Your Broda Wheelchair

Are additional cushions recommended or required when using a Broda wheelchair?

How much tilt and recline is necessary to provide pressure relief?

Maintaining Your Broda Wheelchair

How do you clean and disinfect Broda wheelchairs?

Can I replace parts on my Broda wheelchair?

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