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Our Mission

We believe that every wheelchair user deserves comfortable seating. Our wheelchairs, shower commodes, and gliders enhance everyday care for users and caregivers worldwide. Whether you’re treating a chronic condition or a temporary setback, Broda provides unparalleled safety, mobility, and comfort to all. 

Patient-Focused from the Start

Broda began in 1981 as a small group of concerned individuals who had the radical idea that seating in healthcare needed to be more comfortable. Today, Broda still continues to use all our resources — our enterprise, our platform, and our minds — to advocate for this change. 

We began by serving the often-overlooked patients and caregivers in hospice and palliative care.  Society is apt to look the other way when faced with end-of-life care, however Broda has only concentrated more attentively on the needs of these patients, caregivers, and families. 

Providing Quality Comfort, Worldwide

Since our modest beginnings, Broda has maintained this attentiveness as we have grown to provide enhanced comfort to additional care environments. 

Our dedication to service has allowed us to create a tightknit, yet global community of advocates (e.g., clinicians, suppliers, and DME specialists) who are committed to the localized needs of real people – you and your families, friends, and neighbors. When safe, comfortable seating comes first, Broda is here to help.

In order to be successful, we stay true to our core values and continue to bring essential comfort to all healthcare environments. 

Proudly Made in North America

Broda proudly manufactures our products in North America from high-performance materials. We purchase premium components and raw materials from other industry leaders. As a result, our final products are markedly superior in terms of quality. Altogether, our strong commitment to durability and comfort is evident in the attention to detail we put into each aspect of our wheelchairs.  

In spite of the extensive personalization on made-to-order Broda wheelchairs, all our products ship quickly and exceed industry standards for prompt delivery. By and large, lead times have been challenging for many industries, but Broda remains at the forefront of fast service. Furthermore, our customer service team provide in-the-moment ordering support when our customers need help.

When products are manufactured in North America, the quality and delivery times speak for themselves.

About Our Broda Team

In truth, our success comes from our dedicated team. Our leaders are experienced individuals with a passion for comfort in long-term care. We’re unquestionably committed to the success of our partners, end users, and the healthcare community. 

Tony Smith
Mike Gregory
Dave DeRoin
Vice President of Sales
Sherry Rahaman
Plant Manager
Nancy Emory
Director of Customer Excellence
Nick Hoffmeyer
Vice President of Marketing

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