Broda for Various Care Settings

Providing Quality Care across Healthcare Settings

Broda offers quality medical equipment that spans the entire continuum of care. With Broda, you can provide essential comfort to your patients with any condition, in any healthcare environment. From palliative care, to acute care, to rehab, we have the right equipment to help your patients. Select from the variety of care settings below to learn more about how Broda can help.

Acute Care Header

Acute Care

  • Help patients get out of bed
  • Improve safe patient handling practices
  • Increase comfort during everyday care

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Behavioral Care Header

Behavioral Care

  • Provide safe seating solutions
  • Help your patients stay calm and engaged in their environment
  • Invest in durable seating equipment for long-term ROI

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Long Term Care Header

Long-Term Care

  • Help your patients stay comfortable while out of bed
  • Prevent falls with safe patient handling wheelchair features
  • Create a pleasant care environment and prevent patient injury

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Rehabilitation Header


  • Discover custom seating solutions for complex care needs
  • Help patients stay mobile during recovery
  • Adjust wheelchair components in the field, quickly and easily

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Wheelchair Transportation Header

Wheelchair Transportation

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