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Early Mobility, Better Outcomes

In acute care, the right seating means getting out of bed and increasing your activity levels. After a procedure or hospital stay, mobility can help you to improve healing and health outcomes. Mobility with a Broda wheelchair can help improve both physiological and psychological well-being. By spending more time out of bed, patients can reduce their risks of adverse events like pressure injuries and increase their social interactions. Our variety of specialized wheelchair configurations and accessories provide simple, yet crucial maneuverability where you need it most.

Comfort in Acute Care

The need for comfort is never more important than when healing in a healthcare facility. Clinically valid comfort in seating is essential for any care environment. Broda wheelchairs, shower commodes, and gliders provide a suitable seating surface for every part of the daily routine, leading to better health and safety.

Our unique Comfort Tension Seating® system provides long-term adaptability for comfort that lasts all day. When seated, our one-of-a-kind straps distribute the user’s weight. Furthermore, they mold to the patient’s body to provide individualized support. Furthermore, with Comfort Tension Seating®, there’s no hammocking or risk of cushions bottoming out. The straps have “memory retention” and always return to their original shape. 

Safe Patient Handling in Acute Care

Caregivers know that it’s important to get a patient up and out of bed, especially in a hospital setting. Many hesitate, however, because of potential safety concerns. Safely transferring a patient from bed, to wheelchair, and back again can require multiple caregivers, special equipment, and valuable time. Additionally, repositioning wheelchair users throughout the day for comfort or for hygiene situations can also be overlooked or underutilized simply because of a lack of training or proper equipment to execute these maneuvers safely. With a Broda wheelchair, transfers become much safer and faster. The tilt and recline functionality make it possible to transfer a user from their bed into their wheelchair without lifting.

Find the Best Wheelchair for Acute Care

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