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Behavioral Care

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A Safe Seating Environment for Behavioral Care

Behavioral care challenges need simple, yet robust seating solutions. Streamlined manual seating solutions from Broda are long-lasting, easy-to-use, and functional. Broda behavioral seating avoids complex components, electronics, or exposed mechanisms. Moreover, our gliders feature tamper-proof mechanics for safety and longevity. In addition, we only use premium, high-durability materials. If you are looking for a wheelchair with dynamic seating or a behavioral glider, then Broda is an excellent resource.

All our wheelchairs and gliders are resistant to fluid, punctures, and scratches. Dynamic seating elements also accommodate errant and repetitive movements. For example, movements such as gliding or rocking provide safe stimulation and an alternative to harmful movement. Positioning accessories and configuration options make it easy to adapt a seating solution to meet your personalized care needs.

Comfort for Behavioral Care

When you need exceptional clinical comfort, our renowned Comfort Tension Seating® system is the best solution for many patients. In behavioral care environments, comfortable seating and positioning soothe users and has been shown to reduce anxiety and depression symptoms.1 The ability to safely glide or rock via a caregiver-activated mechanism provides a stimulating activity that also has many physiological benefits.2

Stable & Strong Equipment

Cognitive conditions and disorders require an elevated level of supportive seating since the user is not always aware of their posture. Some users also “stim” or perform repetitive movements for comfort and self-regulation. The Broda team has created products that meet these needs in a safe, controlled environment. Broda has over four decades of safe seating experience and we design our behavioral chairs to withstand severe movements and destructive behaviors.

If damage does occur, we offer an industry-leading 10-year frame warranty. We guarantee our products because we want to give you the confidence that your wheelchair or glider will function well for years to come. Furthermore, high-quality materials and conscientious manufacturing ensure a stable and safe platform to provide adequate comfort and functionality for all types of behavioral care disorders. When you choose Broda, you can be sure you’re providing the safest and most comfortable seating.

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