Long-Term Care

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Comfort in Long-Term Care

In long-term care, comfort is an essential seating need. Broda has over 40 years of experience providing safe, comfortable seating for long-term care. We build out wheelchairs to meet patient and caregiver needs, making everyday care easier. If you are looking for the perfect wheelchair option for nursing homes, skilled nursing facilities, or even home care, then Broda is an excellent solution.

Our proprietary Comfort Tension Seating® provides all day seating comfort that molds to each user. The system allows for airflow that regulates moisture buildup. Furthermore, Comfort Tension Seating® accommodates body movement and provides a supportive surface in motion and at rest.

Get Moving with Safe Mobility

Getting out of bed is critical for social and physical health. Broda wheelchairs allow dependent individuals to be mobile. Mobility helps patients to engage with their environment and have the energy to engage with friends, family, and caregivers. Additionally, Broda wheelchairs provide simple, yet effective, maneuverability in many care environments. For example, we offer ergonomic self-propulsion and a variety of caregiver-assisted mobility configurations. Since many nursing home residents struggle with getting out of bed, Broda has focused on making wheelchairs that are comfortable all day long.

Safe Patient Handling

Proactive caregivers and administrators can prevent falls by improving proper wheelchair positioning throughout the day. Similarly, safe patient handling practices during transfers can be improved with a Broda wheelchair. Our long-term care expertise has created a wheelchair that caregivers can quickly, yet safely, reposition wheelchair users during transfers, bathing, vehicle travel, and more.

Improved Safety in Hygiene

Broda understands that bathing can be a challenge, especially for the elderly.

Stable & Strong Equipment

Broda offers an unrivaled 10-year frame warranty. This guarantee provides you with the confidence that your Broda wheelchair will function effectively, year after year. Our high-quality construction and human-centric design ensure that our wheelchairs and chairs will be able to withstand the wear and tear of everyday use. Since Broda manufactures all of our wheelchairs, shower commodes, and gliders in North America, you can be sure you’re receiving the highest quality medical equipment.