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Comfort in Complex Rehabilitation Care

Broda offers comfortable rehabilitation wheelchair seating solutions. Our wheelchairs are adaptable, always providing superior seating and postural support. The one-of-a-kind Broda Comfort Tension Seating®, and seat cushions and back supports from the Matrx Seating Series supply the proper comfort for your unique rehab seating needs.

Customizable Rehab Wheelchair Configurations

Our adaptable options and flexibility allow you to create the best seating device for each situation. Likewise, our open universal seating allows for the use of any other seat cushion or back support. You can mix and match features and accessories to design an optimal wheelchair for the desired clinical outcomes. Back supports, head supports, cushions, and other accessories can even be swapped in the field, making one wheelchair usable for multiple patients or stages of care.

How to Choose the Best Rehab Wheelchair

With Broda, it’s easy to select the best rehab wheelchair for your unique situation. If you are a patient, share these resources with your occupational therapist, ATP, or prescribing provider.

  1. First, complete a seating assessment with a licensed clinician.
  2. Next, review all of the rehab wheelchair options from Broda.
  3. Then, select which accessories best support your rehab journey.
  4. Before you order, verify that you have the proper insurance documentation.
  5. Finally, find a Broda distributor near you and complete your order!

If you need help along the way, then Broda is here for you. Our medical equipment specialists can guide you on the next steps. When you’re ready to order, contact us to get started.

Mobility Means Better Outcomes

Whether you’re experiencing a temporary setback or a long-term condition, rehabilitation demands the ability to be mobile. Mobility with a Broda wheelchair speeds up healing and increases both physiological and psychological well-being. Your ability to interact with others and perform essential daily activities in your environment is a crucial step in holistic recovery. With a rehabilitation wheelchair from Broda, you’ll reach your mobility goals and experience peak comfort during your recovery.

Ready to take the next step? Contact us to schedule a demonstration or in-service at your facility.