Broda offers numerous accessories that fit perfectly on our wheelchairs and meet a specific clinical need.

Broda is a trusted manufacturer of durable medical equipment for any care environment.

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  • Huntington’s Special Padding (HSP) Package

    Huntington’s Special Padding (HSP) Package

    The HSP package is designed to provide comfort and safety for users with Huntington’s Disease and other neurological disorders.

  • Acute Care Configuration (ACC) Package

    Acute Care Configuration (ACC) Package

    The ACC package allows for easy disinfection in healthcare environments that need additional infection control.

  • Additional Positioning Padding (APP) Package Front 45

    Additional Positioning Padding (APP) Package

    The APP package adds a generous amount of additional cushion to the Comfort Tension Seating®. This package is popular for positioning wheelchair users with very limited mobility.

  • Slim Posture Padding (SPP) Package Front 45

    Slim Posture Padding (SPP) Package

    The SPP package adds low-profile comfort for mobile wheelchair users.

  • WC19 Transport Package

    WC19 Transport Package

    This upgrade allows the wheelchair to be safely used as a seat for vehicle travel.

  • Matrx E2 Back Support Front 45

    E2 Back Support

    The E2 back supports provide versatile adjustability and heat dispersion. 

    Medicare HCPCS Codes E2615 | E2620 

  • Matrx Elan Head Support

    Elan Head Support

    The Elan provides tool-less adjustability for users and caregivers.

    • Less Supportive, Multiple Pad Options 
    • Medicare HCPCS Codes E0128 | E0955 
  • Matrx Elite Back Supports Front 45

    Elite Back Support

    The Elite back supports are recommended for more active wheelchair users. 

    • Medicare HCPCS Codes E2620 | E2621
  • Matrx Elite TR Back Support Front 45

    Elite TR Back Support

    The Elite TR back support is best for tilt and recline applications.

    Medicare HCPCS Codes E2620 | E2621  

  • Matrx Libra Cushion PB Front 45

    Libra Cushion

    The Libra provides the highest level of pressure protection.  

    • Fluid-Resistant Barrier | No Maintenance 
    • Medicare HCPCS Codes E2624 | E2625
  • Matrix Loxx Head Support Front

    Loxx Head Support

    The Matrx® Loxx head support hardware is simple, intuitive, and customizable.

  • PB Posture Back Supports Front 45

    PB Back Support

    The PB back supports are recommended for less active wheelchair users. 

    Medicare HCPCS Code E2615

  • Matrx PS Cushion Front 45

    PS Cushion

    The PS provides moderate-to-low levels of pressure protection.

    • Lightweight, Contoured Foam, Reversible Cover
    • Medicare HCPCS Codes E2605 | E2606
  • Matrx PSP Cushion Front 45

    PSP Cushion

    The PSP provides moderate-to-high levels of pressure protection.

    • Foam Base with Gel Overlay | No Maintenance 
    • Medicare HCPCS Code E2607
  • Matrx Vi Cushion Front 45

    Vi Cushion

    The Vi provides moderate-to-high levels of pressure protection. 

    •  3 Layers Contoured Foam Support 
    • Medicare HCPCS Codes E2607 | E2608