How do I measure for a Broda Wheelchair?

How do I Measure for a Broda Wheelchair

Broda wheelchairs are built to order, so you must take the right measurements to find your size! Before ordering a Broda wheelchair for yourself, a patient, or a loved one, you will want to complete what is called a seating assessment, which includes sizing and measurements. We recommend that a clinician or a licensed Assistive Technology Professional take these measurements to be sure that the wheelchair fits appropriately. 

In order to find the best size, we must measure: 

  1. The person who will use the wheelchair 
  1. The user’s environment (e.g., doorways, bathrooms, etc.) 

The right fit can make all the difference in comfort and effectiveness of the Broda wheelchair. To ensure a great fit, Use our seating assessment to guide you through the measurement process. All you’ll need is a computer, phone, or tablet and a tape measure. 

Take the following measurements to find your size:  

Occupational therapist measures a young man to determine the right size Broda wheelchair.
  1. Shoulder Width — Measure the patient at the widest point of the shoulders. 
  1. Back Height — Measure from the seating surface to the top of the head. 
  1. Back Length — Measure from the seating surface to the base of the neck. 
  1. Seat Width — While sitting on a firm surface, measure the width of the hips/thighs at the widest point. Add 1”-2” to this measurement for a comfortable seat width. 
  1. Width at Knee — Measure across the widest point of the knees. 
  1. Seat Depth — Measure from the posterior (back) of the buttocks to the popliteal (underside of the knee). 
  1. Seat Height — If the person utilizes a cushion when in the chair, complete measurements with the cushion in the chair to obtain proper measurements. With feet flat on the floor & knees bent at 90°, measure from the floor to the underside of the knee and add 1”- 2” inches to allow for clearance of the footrest. 
  1. Armrest Length — With the shoulder in a neutral position, measure from the 90-degree angle at the elbow to the fingertips.  

You should also consider: 

  1. Doorway widths 
  1. Flooring types 
  1. Bathroom size 
  1. Vehicle Transportation 

In addition to finding your wheelchair size, a seating assessment considers the wheelchair user’s posture, skin integrity, and strength, coordination, and motor function. 

To learn more about seating measurement, visit our seating assessment guide. 

How Can I Request a Quote for a Broda Wheelchair? 

To get a personalized quote or learn where you can buy a Broda wheelchair near you, contact the Broda team on our website, email [email protected], or call 844-552-7632.