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Are additional cushions recommended or required when using a Broda wheelchair? 

Are Additional Cushions Required

Not necessarily. Our proprietary Comfort Tension Seating® system is typically sufficient for most users when paired with the standard Broda padding that comes with your wheelchair. Whether to use an alternative cushion depends on various factors, including the wheelchair user’s skin integrity, wound history, medical conditions, etcetera.

A hand gently compresses the Comfort Tension Seating System straps of a Broda wheelchair to demonstrate their pressure relieving qualities.

Broda positioning wheelchairs, pedal wheelchairs, and shower commodes are equipped with our proprietary Comfort Tension Seating® technology. Comfort Tension Seating® cradles the body and provides pressure relief better than a solid-seat or sling-seat wheelchair. The strap material is our one-of-a-kind polymer blend. This blend provides a firm, yet responsive seating surface. It provides excellent pressure redistribution over a large surface area, offloading common pressure points that cause seating discomfort. Comfort Tension Seating® has memory retention properties, which means it will always return to its original shape. That is why Broda seating surfaces never stretch out or sling, even after years of use. Broda positioning wheelchairs and pedal wheelchairs come with slim, water-resistant cushions that cover the Comfort Tension Seating® system and complement the pressure-relieving properties. Many wheelchair users never require additional cushions since this combination provides significant protection against discomfort and skin breakdown. 

In addition to Comfort Tension Seating, Broda wheelchairs come with a set of thin seat and back padding to increase comfort and reduce skin sheer. Our standard padding also helps maintain a low seat surface height for ergonomic foot propulsion in our pedal wheelchairs.

Cushion Package Options

If cushions would provide an additional benefit to the wheelchair user, Broda offers several padding packages that serve a variety of purposes. First, we have our Additional Positioning Padding (APP) package, which provides immersive positioning support. Next, we offer the Slim Posture Padding (SPP) package, which includes thin, yet supportive padding that doesn’t add restrictive bulk or height to the seating surface. Finally, we have our Huntington’s Special Padding (HSP) package, which is made specifically for Huntington’s Disease and other neurological conditions that cause involuntary movement.

Rehab Cushions from the Matrx® Seating Series

On our rehabilitation wheelchairs, we offer cushions from the Motion Concepts Matrx® Seating Series. These cushions come pre-installed on your wheelchair, no assembly required. 

How to choose a cushion for a Broda wheelchair 

An occupational therapist (OT), physical therapist (PT), assistive technology professional (ATP), or another seating specialist should be consulted for a seating evaluation before adding any cushion to a Broda wheelchair other than the set of cushions that comes with your wheelchair purchase.  

How Can I Request a Quote for a Broda Wheelchair? 

To get a personalized quote or learn where you can buy a Broda wheelchair near you, contact the Broda team on our website, email [email protected], or call 844-552-7632.  

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