How Much Does a Broda Wheelchair Cost? 

How Much Does a Broda Wheelchair Cost?

Like other pieces of medical equipment, the cost of Broda products will be different for everyone based on insurance coverage or government-funded healthcare assistance programs. The price of a Broda wheelchair, shower commode, or glider can also vary based on the model, configuration, and the purchase or rental options offered by our local Broda Partners.  

Our team of experts will help you select the best chair or wheelchair for your needs. Next, the Broda support team and partners will configure the specific accessories, padding packages, colors and features so that you receive the perfect fit. Our experts will also help you navigate any state, provincial and federal government funding programs that can alleviate some of the final costs. 

Are Broda Wheelchairs Expensive? 

When it comes to wheelchairs, you get what you pay for. Broda wheelchairs are among the highest-quality manual positioning wheelchairs available. They are not made cheaply and the price reflects this quality. Broda wheelchairs are more durable than other comparable wheelchairs, however, and will last for many years. With other brands, you may need to replace or repair your wheelchair much more often, leading to higher costs in the long run. If you need a Broda wheelchair and are concerned about the costs, please contact our team to receive an accurate quote. The quote will help you find out how much a Broda wheelchair costs and our team can help you learn how to maximize your insurance coverage or government aid.  

How Can I Request a Quote for a Broda Wheelchair? 

Since wheelchair pricing depends on a variety of factors, the costs will vary per individual. To get a personalized quote, contact the Broda team on our website, email [email protected], or call 1-844-552-7632.