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Your wheelchair should be a reflection of your personality. It should also function perfectly in your home and social environments. Broda offers customization options as unique as the individuals we serve. From creating the perfect fit and functionality to choosing colors and upholstery to match your personality, Broda offers a variety of ways to personalize our products.

Individual Fit

The wrong wheelchair size can create unnecessary risks of discomfort and even injury. We engineer our wheelchairs and gliders in a variety of sizes to make sure that you get the correct fit. Many models also offer adjustable elements. For example, many models offer adjustable seat-to-floor height, seat depth, back height, arm supports, and leg supports. These features offer personalization for a customizable fit.

Specialized Functionality

Each healing journey is unique. Broda provides individualized solutions designed for a variety of conditions and care environments. Whether you are treating Alzheimer’s disease or a severe postural deviation, we have a configuration to meet each unique challenge. Furthermore, we offer made-to-order solutions for complex cases. Contact us to learn more about how we can personalize your order.

Built to Match Your Personal Style

In addition to sizing, your wheelchair should complement your style. That’s why we offer a wide selection of frame colors, fabrics, and accessories. Create the perfect combination of colors, features, and personalized add-ons to make your wheelchair fit your personality and lifestyle!

Health care centers can also take advantage of visual customizations to match facility décor. Similarly, you can use color to distinguish between different care units or patient needs.

Personalization & Adjustability

Need to change a wheelchair’s configuration on the fly? Many Broda products can be adjusted in the field. Alterations, such as seat surface height, arm support height, and wheel position can improve the fit and functionality of the wheelchair.

Check out our Support Center for thorough adjustment instructions.