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A wheelchair is a long-term investment in your comfort and mobility. You want to be certain that your wheelchair will hold up to the wear and tear of everyday life. Durable wheelchairs provide you with the same comfort, support, and functionality you need – year after year. When you purchase a wheelchair from Broda, you can be confident that you have a long-lasting, high-quality mobility device.


At Broda, we build our products to be dependable. We design each wheelchair to perform to the highest standards in demanding healthcare environments. Moreover, we rigorously test our products in all kinds of care settings. From materials to mechanics, we guarantee that our wheelchairs will perform to your expectations, year after year.

Low Maintenance, High Functionality

It’s easy to see the difference in quality between Broda and the generic positioning wheelchair. Each Broda wheelchair component is made to last for years with limited maintenance. When it comes to world-class functionality, you won’t find us cutting any corners, either. We design the mechanisms for tilt and recline, gliding, and Dynamic Rocking to work just as smoothly after a decade of use as they did when they were brand new.

Quality Manufacturing for Durability

We design and manufacture all our wheelchairs in North America. We use only high-performance, durable materials that are hand-crafted by our team of seasoned technicians. The wheelchair frames consist of 16-gauge, tubular stainless steel. Furthermore, they are powder coated for longevity and a professional look and feel. Before leaving the hands of our capable technicians, each shipment is thoroughly inspected by our quality control team. With Broda, you can be sure you’re receiving the best!

Our 10-Year Lifetime Warranty

We feel so confident in our product durability that we offer a guarantee on every wheelchair, shower commode, and glider. Our unbeatable 10-year lifetime warranty covers any breakdown or defect related to the frame of the wheelchair. We also offer a 2-year warranty on all parts and accessories, from the largest wheels to the tiniest screws.

Return on Investment

Are Broda wheelchairs cheap? No. And for good reason! Broda wheelchairs will last longer than any less expensive wheelchair. Combined with our safety features and track record of reliability, a Broda wheelchair is worth the cost. Our wheelchairs can prevent costly accidents, falls, and pressure injuries over its lifetime, increasing your long-term return on investment even more! Rather than asking, “Can I afford a Broda wheelchair?”, it may be wiser to ask, “Can I afford not to purchase from Broda?”

Ready to Purchase a Durable Wheelchair?

Durability is a desirable feature in a wheelchair. Broda can help you find the perfect, reliable wheelchair to meet your mobility needs. Contact us today to get a quote!