Ordering Support

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Obtaining a chair or wheelchair for yourself or your loved one can seem complicated and frustrating. This stressful search can be exacerbated by the immediate and critical need for the right seating. In other words, whether you have a long-term necessity or just a temporary setback, you want to avoid delays in the ordering process. Broda has over four decades of experience helping people like you find the right equipment, quickly. We can help you start your search and will provide ordering support throughout your wheelchair journey.

Ordering Support from Industry Experts

Need help completing an order quickly? Broda offers simplified order forms to streamline the process. We will help you find the right wheelchair for long-term care, acute care, complex rehab, hygiene, or any other care environment. Our experienced industry experts are available to attentively listen to your unique needs and will work with you to make sure you get the best equipment that fits your individual requirements. Need immediate ordering support? Our Frequently Asked Questions are a great resource to get you started.

Receive Funding Guidance

How much does it cost? How do you pay for it? Broda works with you to help obtain the right equipment. We have extensive experience working with public and private insurance as well as local care providers. When you need local help, we have a dedicated network of nearby equipment distributors who will offer ordering support. Together, we can help you adequately address the funding question. If you’re in the middle of an insurance claim, then check out our insurance claim guide for helpful tips.

Remote & Local Ordering Support Available

Broda offers individualized education, seating and mobility assessments, and maintenance support. In other words, we’re available wherever you are located! You can receive in-person help from our Broda partner network. Likewise, you can get virtual ordering support from our industry experts via webinars, email, and phone calls.

The Need for an Accurate Assessment

When you purchase the perfect wheelchair, you need to make sure that it fits your needs. For example, you’ll need to choose a wheelchair that fits your care environment, and is adaptable to your changing treatment needs. Broda will provide ordering support via a clinician or a durable medical equipment expert to recommend features and functions.

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