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Bodily position is a key factor in seating comfort and overall well-being. To stay comfortable and avoid negative clinical outcomes, our bodies need continuous readjustment. Repositioning throughout the day, especially while seated is a critical part of everyday care. Broda products provide safe, easy, and effective positioning for you, your patient, or your loved one. Proper positioning with a Broda wheelchair allows for easy mobility and the ability to interact with your environment.

Positioning for Pressure Relief

Broda positioning wheelchairs have dynamic positioning capabilities. Tilt and recline provide postural support and help the wheelchair user remain upright, even after extended periods of sitting. Proper posture relieves the pressure points that commonly appear when seated in a standard wheelchair or “Geri” chair.

Correct posture reduces deviations like scoliosis and kyphosis and distributes the body weight across a wider area. Coupled with our one-of-a-kind Comfort Tension Seating®, each Broda wheelchair can be easily adjusted for your long-term comfort, no matter the condition or care environment.

Positioning Safety

Correct, stable positioning helps caregivers mitigate postural deviations and relieve pressure, but it also decreases the wheelchair user’s risk of falling. Daily activities, such as bathing, vehicle travel, and transferring to and from your wheelchair can be made significantly safer with a Broda positioning wheelchair. Features such as “lay-flat” recline and swing-away arm, leg, and shoulder supports make it easy to slide the user comfortably from their bed to their wheelchair – no lifting needed. We also offer shower commodes with adjustable positioning capabilities to make bathing safe and enjoyable. You can rely on our infinitely adjustable seating system to protect users and their caregivers from avoidable injury.

User Engagement

Front pivot seat tilt and “lay-flat” recline, allow you to perform activities of daily living and engage with their surroundings. The ability to be safely mobile and social promotes better outcomes and often overlooked mental health.

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