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The Elite Rehab Wheelchair is our full-featured chair that provides exceptional comfort and re-positioning. Broda’s unique Comfort Tension Seating® system provides pressure redistribution and air flow for increased sitting comfort and support, now shipping on-chair with the Matrx® Seating Series.

Featuring up to 40° of adjustable seat tilt and up to 15° of adjustable back recline, the Elite Rehab Wheelchair allows for proper positioning and re-positioning throughout the day. Our front pivot seat tilt helps maintain the patient’s line of vision while tilted improving socialization and quality of life.

Offering outstanding benefits for both patients and caregivers, the Elite Rehab Wheelchair is ideal for:

  • Improved posture and alignment, respiratory function, feeding, and overall comfort.
  • Fall prevention and safe patient handling.
  • Accommodating hyper-extension.

Recommended use with patients:

  • In-home care or facility use for individuals requiring moderate to advanced levels of care.
  • With severe agitation and involuntary movement such as Huntington’s Chorea with the addition of our HSP package.

Medicare HCPCS Code E1161*

  • Broda Comfort Tension Seating® Back
  • Solid Seat Pan
  • e1161 HCPCS
  • 16 Gauge Powder Coated Tubular Steel Frame
  • 40° Infinitely Adjustable Tilt in Space
  • 15° Infinitely Adjustable Recline
  • 16″, 18″ 20″, 22″, 24″, 26″, 28″ Seat Width
  • 17″, 18.5″, 20″, and 22″ Seat Depth
  • 32″, 33.5″, or 35″ Back Height
  • 20.5″ Floor-to-Seat Heights
  • 14″, 20″, 22″ Mag Wheels
  • Height Adjustable Armrests
  • Removable Wings
  • Adjustable Length, Elevating Legrest
  • 350 lb. Weight Capacity
  • Headrest cushion, Shoulder Bolsters, Upper Side Pads, Lower Side Pads, Calf Pad, Sole Pads, Seat and Back Pad with Vinyl Covers (White or Grey Terry Optional)
  • Accessory Bag (Custom Embroidery Optional)
  • HSP padding package
  • Acute Care Chair (ACC) Padding Package
  • Tray
  • Half Tray
  • Thigh Belt
  • O2 Holder
  • Long Armrests
  • ABS Footrest
  • IV Pole
  • Depth Adjustable Armrests

Ships with Recommended Matrx Seating Items On-Chair:

*Medicare HCPCS codes supplied are for reference only and do not ensure coverage or payment. The HCPCS provided are based on our interpretation of the code definitions. HCPCS codes are not intended to be, nor should be considered billing or legal advice. Providers are responsible for determining the appropriate billing codes when submitting claims to the Medicare Program and should consult an attorney or another advisor to discuss specific situations in further detail.

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