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The Vanguard® Bariatric Wheelchair is a revolutionary bariatric seating option that provides exceptional comfort with both tilt and recline positioning.

The Vanguard® Bariatric Wheelchair is designed for bariatric individuals requiring long-term care (up to 600 lb). An optional curved back accommodates a patient’s gluteal shelf to address unique bariatric patient needs. Broda’s unique Comfort Tension Seating® system provides pressure redistribution and airflow for increased sitting comfort and support.

Featuring infinitely adjustable positioning of up to 30° posterior tilt, 10° anterior tilt, and 45° of back recline, the Vanguard® Bariatric Wheelchair provides safe and comfortable positioning combined with ease of caregiver use.

The Vanguard® Bariatric Wheelchair allows bariatric patients to get out of bed and socialize with others for an improved quality of life.

The Vanguard® Bariatric Wheelchair is an extremely durable and cost-effective chair that addresses many issues associated with bariatric care:

  • No-Lift (foot pump activated seat tilt)
  • Patient mobility/maneuverability
  • Safe Patient Handling
  • Equipment size and weight capacity
  • Bariatric patient ergonomics
  • Cost-effectiveness
  • Comfort & safety

Comfort Tension Seating®

16 Gauge Powder Coated Tubular Steel Frame

30° Infinitely Adjustable Posterior Tilt – Foot Pump Operated

45° Infinitely Adjustable Back Recline

10° Infinitely Adjustable Anterior Tilt  – Foot Pump Operated

24″, 26″, 28″ or 30″ Seat Width

21″ and 23″ Seat Depth

32″, 34″, 36″, 38″ and 40″ Back Support Height

20″, 21″,  22″, 23″, and 24″ Seat Surface Height

Height Adjustable Arm Supports

Removable Upper Shoulder Supports

Adjustable Length, Elevating Lower Leg Supports

600 lb. Weight Capacity

Neckrest Pad
Shoulder Bolsters
Upper & Lower Side Pads
Calf Pad
Sole Pads
Seat & Back Pad

Accessory Bag (Custom Embroidery Optional)
Acute Care Chair (ACC) Padding Package
Half Tray
Thigh Belt
O2 Holder
Long Armrests
IV Pole
Depth Adjustable Armrests

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