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Broda Wheelchairs & Chairs for Aging

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Broda Helps Aging People Maintain Mobility

Aging people can suffer from a number of chronic conditions that make it difficult for them to get around. This can lead to a decreased quality of life, as they are often confined to their bed or home. A Broda wheelchair can help elderly people feel more comfortable and mobile, which in turn can help improve their overall wellbeing.

Designed Specifically for Seniors

Broda designs wheelchairs to make life easier for seniors, especially those with chronic conditions such as osteoarthritis, osteoporosis, kyphosis, poor skin integrity, and many other conditions. They provide greater comfort and support than traditional wheelchairs, helping seniors spend more time on activities they enjoy and less time in bed.

Built-In Fall Prevention & Comfort

Falls are the leading cause of death in people over the age of 65.1 Broda wheelchairs include built-in fall protection to keep you or your loved one steady and safe. Our swing-away arm and leg supports pivot to the side while the user is transferred to and from the chair. As a result, this leaves a wide space for them to move. Our wheelchairs can be tilted and reclined to help the occupant keep a comfortable and secure posture. Additionally, our unique Comfort Tension Seating® molds to each user’s body, creating optimal postural alignment and decreasing the risk of falling.

Cleaning & Sanitation Made Easy

As patients age, they may experience urinary incontinence. All our wheelchair cushions and components are fluid-resistant. Because of this feature, caregivers can quickly wipe the cushions clean in the event of an accident. This cleanability is also beneficial for mealtime messes, contagious illnesses, and much more. Your user’s manual will even come with cleaning tips for your specific wheelchair model.

Hygiene is an important part of our daily routines that becomes more difficult as we age. Our Revive Shower Commode offers a comfortable, dignified bathing experience. The Revive features our Comfort Tension Seating® and the full spectrum of positioning features for bathing hard-to-reach areas.

Broda is the Premier Choice for Aging Loved Ones

If you’re considering buying a Broda wheelchair for an aging loved one, then be sure to consider the many benefits it can provide. A Broda wheelchair allows people of all ages to remain mobile and independent, which is crucial for supporting a high quality of life. In addition, Broda wheelchairs are easy to use and provide a safe, comfortable ride.

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