Changing Lives for the Better

Written by Robert Hoshowsky. Appears in July 2018 Issue of Business in Focus

As we age, comfort and safety become increasingly important, and few companies realize this more than Broda, a leading manufacturer of chairs and wheelchairs for long-term care patients in nursing homes, hospitals, hospices, skilled nursing, home health and assisted living facilities.

“No matter the location, the result is the same: restoring comfort to the user.”

Prior to founding the company almost forty years ago, David Brotherston was president of Cambridge Memorial Hospital in Ontario. Noticing that the only geriatric seating at the time was the ‘Geri chair’ – which was heavy, cumbersome, uncomfortable and provided limited positioning – Mr. Brotherston decided it was time for a new seating system which offered both comfort and dignity to the patient. The result was the creation of Broda’s patented Comfort Tension Seating® system.

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