Meet Brian Peacock, ATP: A Broda Success Story 

Brian Peacock, a certified Assistive Technology Professional (ATP) who serves on the Broda team as a Sales Development Representative in Texas. In his former roles, Brian has successfully used the Encore Rehab wheelchair for his clients and seen phenomenal results. With its comfortable design and easy-to-use customizations, Brian has seen many people regain their independence and quality of life. 

Brian started in the medical equipment field in 1997 and completed his ATP credentials in 2004. He has extensive experience providing his expertise to people who have experienced a new diagnosis, an accident, or disease progression. 

 “If you see me coming through your door, you’ve had a bad day, but it will get better from here on out. I love measuring successful outcomes for my clients. My services bring back another level of independence and functionality.”  

Brian Peacock, ATP

Advocating for Correct Seating & Positioning 

As an ATP and Broda Sales Development Representative, it’s Brian’s job to help clinicians make the best seating and positioning choices for their patients. As a result of his council, people achieve even better mobility results with correctly fitting wheelchairs that meet their functionality needs. Brian enjoys serving in this educational role. He keeps caregivers and facility administrators up to date with the latest and greatest seating technology. As a part of the Broda team, he works closely with clinicians and families. He loves helping the end users achieve their best level of comfort and functionality. 

Overall, Brian’s top challenge is helping clinicians understand the importance of proper positioning.  

“My role as an ATP and Sales Development Representative is educational. When I do an in-service, I always start with assessing the individual’s current level of seating and positioning knowledge, hearing from the therapists, and marrying their clinical knowledge with my equipment knowledge.” 

Brian Peacock, ATP

The Encore Rehab Wheelchair: Brian’s Top Choice 

Encore Rehab Wheelchair in Yellow

Even before he joined the Broda team, his equipment knowledge led Brian to the Encore Rehab Wheelchair.

The Encore Rehab is a comfortable, customizable wheelchair designed to meet each individual’s needs. With its adjustable and interchangeable seat cushions, back supports, and head supports, the Encore Rehab is Brian’s top choice for many people who need a compensatory strategy for everyday mobility.  

Maintaining Proper Pelvic Positioning 

When Brian begins a seating assessment, his chief concern is pelvic positioning – a specialty of the Encore Rehab wheelchair. With the Encore Rehab, Brian can select from a variety of cushions, back supports, and accessories. He uses the right combination to help his clients achieve or maintain a neutral pelvis. He loves how Broda rehab wheelchairs are compatible with the cooling, moisture-resistant, easy-to-clean cushions from the Matrx Seating Series. After the seating assessment, Brian selects from several cushion options with advanced pressure-relieving foam and gel technology. Next, he determines the correct back support and head support to maintain the correct posture. Broda offers plenty of options, including active and deep contoured back supports. These offer a comfortable midline posture for every wheelchair user.

Tilt: The Magic Ingredient 

After configuring the wheelchair, Brian may recommend a degree of seating tilt, if clinically indicated.  

“The tilt functionality of the Encore Rehab is a game-changer since it tilts from the anterior end of the frame…Every time I use this wheelchair, I’ve seen an immediate overall satisfaction from the patient and their therapist.”  

Brian Peacock, ATP

The front tilt of the Encore Rehab helps users achieve proper pelvic positioning. It also helps avoid skin breakdown, and promote a correct line of sight. With the right accessories, plus a degree of tilt, Brian’s clients are on their way to success.  

Low Floor-to-Seat Height 

The low seat surface height (also known as floor-to-seat height) is another feature that has made a world of difference. Even when the wheelchair is in a tilted position, the wheelchair user is still able to touch the ground with their feet and achieve heel strike. Although you can use the Encore Rehab with detachable lower leg supports, many people enjoy the ability to self-propel since their feet can reach the floor. 

Brian recounted a patient who was only independently mobile for a few feet at a time, and never on a carpeted surface. Brian recommended the Encore Rehab. As soon as the patient sat in their new Encore Rehab wheelchair, he adjusted the seat and back angle, gave them 10-15 degrees of tilt. Before he knew it, they had rolled themselves right out of the clinic.  

“That one change gave them so much more independence,” he says. “Other chairs I’ve delivered recently have resulted in the same immediate functional independence. They can touch the floor with their feet and easily access the hand rims on the wheels.” 

Brian Peacock, ATP

Dynamic Rocking & Healthy “Stimming” 

Even with increased mobility, some wheelchair users desire extra movement. Brian had one client who enjoys the stimulation of rocking back and forth. This “stim” occurred non-stop and the client’s plain reclining wheelchair couldn’t handle the motion.  

“Most wheelchair frames aren’t built to withstand rocking as a ‘stim.'”  

Brian Peacock, ATP

After recommending the Encore Rehab for this individual, he was able to rock to his heart’s content in a safe, caregiver-activated manner.  

The Encore Rehab vs. a “Geri” Chair 

Geriatric chairs, or “geri” chairs, are unfortunately still common solutions to seating in skilled nursing. When asked about the advantages of the Encore Rehab over a “geri” chair, Brian is quick to list several. First, the Encore Rehab is more comfortable than a “geri” chair. Second, the Encore Rehab has an open seating system that is fully adjustable. Therefore, you can customize it to each individual person’s needs. Third, a therapist can maximize the postural controls to help the wheelchair user achieve easier breathing, healthy digestion, etc. And finally, the Encore Rehab has a low seat surface height, making it easy for users to self-propel – an impossibility with a “geri” chair. 

A Message to Other ATPs 

Brian has always wholeheartedly recommended Broda wheelchairs to any assistive technology professionals, physical therapists, occupational therapists, or other clinicians concerned with functional seating and positioning. Now, he feels privileged to be on staff with Broda, changing lives one wheelchair at a time. 

“If you’re looking for a mobility base that offers functional independence with tilt and recline, this is something you must consider.” 

Brian Peacock, ATP

Brian is convinced that therapists should take advantage of the reverse-wheel configuration. This is because it makes it easy for the user to access the wheel rims in any degree of tilt. He also loves the adjustable seat-to-floor height, the Matrx® cushions, and the quick-and-easy setup. On top of all these features, the Encore Rehab comes with all cushions, back supports, and accessories pre-installed. No assembly required.  

One Wheelchair, Many Options 

With all its features and options, the Encore Rehab is truly a versatile wheelchair. Brian has used it for people with a variety of diagnoses. From kyphosis to sacral sitting, and he’s always impressed with its performance. In conclusion, this wheelchair has brought significant successes for the many individuals that Brian has served and he’s proud to continue this legacy as a part of the Broda team!  

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