The Silver Tsunami

An estimated 10,000 Baby Boomers reach the retirement age of 65 every day. This phenomenon coincides with the reality of a graying America, otherwise known as “the Silver Tsunami.”

As science and medicine continue to evolve, people are living longer. While this is welcome news to everyone, it places additional burdens on the already overwhelmed healthcare infrastructure. Our health needs tend to compound as we age, and some people have raised questions about the care structures we have in place in the U.S. As more people rely on Medicaid and other senior services, the system becomes more saturated — resulting in rapid growth beyond our capacity to support an entire generation of people.

This is where Broda comes in. We serve retirees who need seating solutions built to provide long-term comfort. Whether someone is still reasonably mobile or is seeking a clinical solution due to declining health and mobility, Broda’s products can help meet their at-home or clinical needs.

The Gap In Seating

Broda’s wheelchairs are tailored to fit the needs of all retiring seniors at any point in the care spectrum. For seniors who have limited mobility, activities of daily living (ADLs) become a significant challenge. Tasks like getting out of bed, showering, and even brewing a cup of coffee in the morning can be a real challenge for those who don’t have the right durable medical equipment (DME).

Proper seating is a crucial part of treating and living with numerous health issues, ranging from postural deviations to dementia. Some Baby Boomers need seating to support physical wounds caused by being bedbound or from spending long periods seated. Others require seating to support any mental ailments they may be facing. Regardless of the situation, Broda’s wheelchairs offer solutions.

However, there is a large gap between the number of people who need quality, comfortable DME and the number of people who actually have it. This equipment is considered medically necessary and prescribed by physicians for home users; it can include anything from manual wheelchairs to power chairs to commode chairs. Not only does DME make patients safer, but it also makes their independence possible. As a result, it improves their quality of life.

When people’s comfort and safety needs are unaddressed, their medical ailments can worsen. One man — an Air Force veteran who fought in World War II — was living in a veteran’s home and using a power chair to assist him with limited mobility. But when both his dementia and Parkinson’s disease advanced, his caregivers had to take away his chair to protect his safety. They replaced it with a manual wheelchair that lacked any reclining or tilting features that could conform to his body.

His breathing became limited, he was slumped over and leaned to one side, and he could only stare at the floor. He learned that he was eligible to receive VA funding for a chair from Broda, and he has since been using that chair for years. He’s now able to look directly at visitors instead of looking at the floor, recline his chair to look up, and even travel safely because his chair meets all transport standards.

How Broda’s Products Benefit Seniors

Broda’s products directly help and impact the people who need them. When people spend their days in chairs, they not only risk developing severe health issues but also can become disconnected from loved ones and detached from their surroundings. Having a comfortable wheelchair that conforms to the body, restores a user’s ability to engage with his or her surroundings, and empowers their independence can be transformative.

Our wheelchairs offer users greater comfort and safety than any other option. They’re built with safety in mind, and they are tested both internally and externally to meet North American safety standards and to comply with transport standards and WC-19 safety protocols. And because Broda offers many sizing options and customizable features, our chairs also provide maximum comfort.

Broda’s wheelchairs also enable and empower users to participate in ADLs more freely and safely. By giving people the ability to do so many of the routine things they enjoyed before struggling with limited mobility or physical deterioration, we can dramatically increase their quality of life.  Our products enhance mobility for anyone who uses them, helping seniors enjoy better and more fulfilled lives.

 How Broda’s Products Offer Greater Comfort and Safety

At Broda, we understand that individual seniors have individual needs. Because of this, we offer customizable, comfortable seating options that we carefully tailor to meet each person’s needs. Our chairs span the care continuum and can be created to fit specific medical conditions or long-term care needs.

When people need to use seating for most of the day on a daily basis, having safe and comfortable seating is incredibly important. For people who have postural deviations, a reclinable chair can dramatically improve their comfort and decrease pain caused by leaning to one side or too far forward.

Safety is also a key part of how we build our seating at Broda. Beyond wheelchairs, products like the Broda Revive Tilt and Recline Shower Commode let seniors feel safe when they go about their daily routines. Users can enjoy life knowing that their shower commodes will keep them — and their caregivers — safe. Ultimately, comfortable and safe seating decreases the odds of user injury and improves quality of life. Having equipment that allows users to move comfortably without worry is both physically and mentally critical for seniors who need seating.

How Broda’s Products Enable ADLs

It can be easy to take for granted our ability to perform ADLs or tasks that are part of our daily routines. Our mobility often deteriorates as we age, and things like getting out of bed or showering can become increasingly challenging.

That said, Broda’s wheelchairs can help those seniors rediscover their independence and safely return to their routines. Positioning chairs can help users correctly align their postures and engage with the world around them. For people who have to sit throughout the day, being able to reposition and know that their chairs will evenly distribute the pressure from their weight makes a significant difference. And because Broda’s products conform to users’ bodies and meet their needs, they decrease fatigue and give them more endurance to perform ADLs.

When seniors have the right seating, their speech, vision, and alertness all heighten to keep them engaged with their surroundings. Daily activities and routines are not only possible but also more enjoyable for seniors who make Broda’s products part of their lives.

How Broda’s Products Enhance Mobility and Quality of Life

Because Broda’s wheelchairs are built with comfort and safety in mind, they make ADLs possible and enhance mobility. This added freedom allows seniors to enjoy a marked improvement in their quality of life.

Our unique positioning features enable seniors with limited mobility to interact with the world around them, participate in everyday activities, and spend time with the people they love. For seniors who have more debilitating health conditions, Broda’s wheelchairs can make the difference between a bedbound lifestyle and able to safely and comfortably sit up in a chair throughout the day.

By 2060, the senior population is expected to more than double to 95 million people. Recent findings from the National Council on Aging show that 92% of older adults have at least one chronic health issue, which means the need for quality care will be more important than ever moving forward.

Seniors who use Broda’s chairs enjoy a better quality of life because of the comfort our products provide. Our Comfort Tension Seating system prioritizes comfort and makes it a key feature of Broda’s products. Our mission of quality care is built around improving the quality of life of our users.

Get in Touch

At Broda, we provide the highest quality of comfort and meet the clinical needs of every senior. Even if you’re a retiree and don’t need a chair immediately, we’re here to help you be more comfortable and productive should your health or mobility regress.

Our chairs are made with special adjustable seat strapping to reduce heat and moisture buildup. The straps evenly distribute a user’s weight to provide optimal comfort, maintain skin integrity, and aid in blood flow. We use the highest quality 16-gauge steel and offer an industry-leading 10-year warranty on every chair frame to provide seniors with the most reliable, enduring, and comfortable equipment. If you’re interested in learning more, call us directly at 844-552-7632 or submit a request to our customer service team through our Contact Us.