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Customizable E1161 Rehab Wheelchair Configurations

It is our privilege to assist RESNA in providing access to the latest information about assistive rehab technology. Many of our wheelchairs are coded as E1161 wheelchairs for Medicare and Medicaid. Additionally, we offer shower commodes and other accessories to augment the rehab experience.

HCPCS code E1161 for Medicare

Flexible, Adaptable Seating

Broda rehab solutions are flexible and adaptable. Our one-of-a-kind Comfort Tension Seating® and accessories from the Matrx® Seating Series supply the proper comfort for your unique rehab seating needs. Our open universal seating allows for the use of any other seat cushion or back support.

No Assembly Required!

With other rehab wheelchair manufacturers, your wheelchair, cushions, and other accessories may ship in several boxes, taking valuable time to assemble once they arrive. At Broda, we pre-install all accessories so that you don’t have to. When your wheelchair arrives, it will be ready to roll, saving you time and effort. Accessories can even be swapped in the field, making one wheelchair usable for multiple patients and/or stages of care.

Matrx® Seating Series Accessories

Use a variety of accessories from the Matrx® Seating Series to design a wheelchair to help you meet your desired clinical outcomes. Back supports, head supports, cushions, and other accessories are compatible with Broda rehab wheelchairs.

Resources for ATPs

Check out our helpful resources for Assistive Technology Professionals.

The Complete Rehab Experience

Whether your patient is experiencing a temporary setback or a long-term condition, rehabilitation demands the ability to be mobile. Mobility with a Broda wheelchair speeds up healing and increases both physiological and psychological well-being. Your ability to interact with others and perform essential daily activities in your environment is a crucial step in holistic recovery. With a rehabilitation wheelchair from Broda, you’ll reach your mobility goals and experience peak comfort during your recovery.

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