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Matrx® Vi Cushion is designed to provide skin protection and positioning for individuals at moderate to high risk of skin breakdown. The unique three part foam construction targets skin protection where it is needed most, and features excellent stability, support and comfort.

Recommended for all users, including those at moderate to the highest risk of skin breakdown.

Available to ship on-chair with Encore Rehab Wheelchair or Comfort Rehab Wheelchair.

HCPCS* E2607 / E2608

CoverMoisture resistant Meshtex cover includes lifting strap, slip resistant base, hook and loop fasteners for attachment to chair.

LinerWipeable, moisture resistant Startex.

Top layerMolded HR (high resilient) foam made with UltraFresh antimicrobial for odor protection. Contoured for midline leg position and waterfall undercut to facilitate safe transfers.

Ischial insertSupersoft viscoelastic foam insert for envelopment and protection of bony prominences.

Bottom LayerFirm HR foam base provides stability and protection against bottoming out.

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Weight Capacity 300 lbs 600 lbs
Widths 16”, 18”, 20” 22”
Depths 16”, 18”, 20” 18”, 20”
HCPCS* E2607 E2608
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