Preventing the Spread of Infection

Infections pass from care equipment to patients easily and frequently. When bodily fluids and infectious bacteria end up on wheelchairs, they then transfer to the people who use those wheelchairs as part of their everyday lives. 

As a result, decontamination plays a major role in caregiving and preventing the spread of infection or disease. The people responsible for cleaning equipment need certain skills and resources to do their jobs well. So through this, they should be given clear guidance on exactly what’s expected of them. Lives depend on it. 

Our Acute Care Configuration (ACC) Package is specifically designed to improve the safety of patient transport in clinics and care facilities. With fully wrapped seat, back, and legrest covers and an ABS footrest that features chair cushion padding for a user’s calves and soles, the ACC package combines safety with functionality. 

Making Transport Safer, Smoother, and More Sanitary 

In light of the COVID-19 pandemic, infection prevention is more important than ever. For overwhelmed and overextended health professionals and caregivers trying to navigate the uncertainty of the virus, it can feel like there aren’t enough hours in the day to disinfect. 

The ACC package makes it easier and safer for these caregivers to clean wheelchairs properly to prevent the spread of disease. Because of the full vinyl wrap that covers each component of the chairs, caregivers don’t have to clean each part individually — they simply need to wipe down the front and back. The footrest pieces are equally easy to clean. 

This wheelchair configuration not only makes cleaning easy, but it also makes safe transport to another part of a care facility possible by helping patients avoid exposure. Because Broda’s wheelchairs have swing-away, removable armrests and footrests, they can be cleaned safely and carry patients into infection-free environments without caregivers having to worry about contaminants coming along for the ride. 

Our ACC package is designed for easy cleaning while still providing patients with the comfort and functionality we at Broda pride ourselves on. To learn more about how the ACC package is an integral part of preventative, comfortable care, please get in touch with us