Broda Chairs & Wheelchairs for Cancer

Best Wheelchairs for Cancer Treatment & Remission Care 

Cancer diagnosis and treatment may affect a person’s mobility and comfort levels. Many have a tough time finding the right wheelchair. They need something that is comfortable for all-day use yet allows them to move about their environment. Broda wheelchairs are perfect for patients in treatment or remission. They offer a variety of features to meet anyone’s needs, ensuring maximum comfort and functionality.  

Specialized Comfort 

Patients with diagnosis of cancer may experience pain and discomfort. With that in mind choosing a comfortable wheelchair is an important consideration. Broda wheelchairs feature the Comfort Tension Seating® system, which contours to the body allowing for both support and comfort. This is especially important for patients who are undergoing lengthy appointments and treatment. Broda wheelchairs redistribute pressure on the bony prominences that typically become sore after sitting for extended periods of time. As a result, many users’ sitting tolerance and skin integrity improve substantially. 

Independent Mobility 

Broda wheelchairs offer mobility and independence to people with a diagnosis of cancer. With a variety of mobility options, Broda users can move around freely, both indoors and outdoors. 

Getting to and from doctor’s appointments can be stressful and time consuming when travelling in a wheelchair. Broda transport wheelchairs are built to alleviate this concern. Our wheelchair transport packages are compatible with many of our wheelchair models. Each chair is crash tested and certified to the rigorous WC19 wheelchair transportation standards. With a Broda transport wheelchair, there’s no need to transfer to and from a vehicle seat – you can remain secure in your wheelchair for the entire trip in a wheelchair accessible vehicle. In short, you can be sure your Broda wheelchair is the pinnacle of safety and comfort for accessible vehicle transportation. 

Maximum Functionality 

As can be seen, Broda wheelchairs are designed with a variety of users in mind. A comfortable, durable, easy-to-use wheelchair can certainly make life simpler. With a wide range of accessories (i.e., cup holders, trays, and oxygen tank holders), most patients can find everything they need in a Broda wheelchair. 

Durable & High Quality  

Broda manufactures each wheelchair in North America with premium materials. The frames are constructed with 16-gauge, powder-coated tubular steel, built to outlast any other wheelchair. We also offer an industry-leading 10-year frame warranty and a 2-year warranty on all wheelchair parts. Coupled with our excellent quality control, you can be confident that your Broda wheelchair will last for a long time, with minimal repairs.  

The Right Choice for patients with Cancer

You deserve to be comfortable and have worry-free mobility. A Broda wheelchair can help alleviate unnecessary discomfort for people receiving cancer treatment. To learn even more about Broda wheelchairs, contact us or contact [email protected]. 

If you have questions or need ordering support, contact us for assistance.