One of the hardest parts of aging comes when seniors begin to struggle with tasks that once felt so easy. Activities of daily living, or ADLs, such as eating, bathing, spending time with friends and loved ones, and sometimes even getting out of bed can suddenly become challenging — especially when their mobility is limited. Broda offers comfortable, personalized wheelchairs to help you achieve independent home living.

When things that have been routine for so long feel out of reach or impossible, seniors’quality of life understandably feels diminished. These feelings can cause seniors to close themselves off to the rest of the world. 

This sense of isolation doesn’t need to last, though.Having the right seating can make all the difference. Wheelchairs play a considerable role in keeping homebound seniors’ lives not only livable but also vibrant — and Brodachairsare the best on the market. 

How Broda Makes a Difference for Homebound Seniors

According to research published in JAMA Internal Medicine, nearly2 million people age 65 and older rarely or never leave their homes. On top of that, roughly 6 million more are “semi-homebound,” which means they struggle to leave their homes or can only do so with assistance. 

Even at home, things aren’t easy for seniors who suffer from limited mobility and depend on wheelchairs. Showers often aren’t wide enough for chairs and lack roll-in access, countertops are sometimes too high to reach while using a wheelchair, stairs present obstacles for seniors in homes without ramps, and hallways and corners can be too tight for chairs to navigate. 

Broda productsare built with these challenges in mind. Here are four traits that make Broda’s chairs and wheelchairs the best option for homebound seniors: 

1. Comfort

At Broda, we build comfortable wheelchairs.Thanks to our special Comfort Tension Seating System that adjusts to each user’s size and weight, Brodachairsreduce heat and moisture buildup by allowing proper air circulation. They evenly distribute a users’ weight, improving blood flow while preventing skin breakdown. 

Homebound seniors can use our wheelchairs for longer periods of time without discomfort. They’re able to move about their houses more easily and perform ADLs thanks to removable, swing-away armrests. They’re also not limited by straps because our strapping system conforms to users’ bodies. 

2. Mobility

Broda tilt-in-space wheelchairsalso give homebound seniorsbetter mobility. Their mobility functions allow users to propel themselves by maximizing gravity and bodyweight. Because our chairs keep them seated in an upright and engaged position, they can go about their daily lives with freedom and independence. 

When seniors have quality seating, they’re less fatigued and suffer less from posture-related issues because their seating gives them the necessary support and stability. Blood flow, oxygenation, and organ function are also improved because of increased mobility and better posture opening users’ lungs. Best of all, Broda chairs and wheelchairs enable seniors to relieve and manage their pain effectively. 

3. Safety

Our mobility wheelchairs include several built-in safety features for both user and caregiver. Some pedal wheelchairs have rocking capabilities to absorb any stiff movements and provide a safe, enjoyable movement. Broda tilt-in-space wheelchairs are designed to serve people who propel themselves, which is something most homebound seniors do. 

The height-adjustable armrests support users and let them easily adjust their positions, preventing discomfort and allowing safe, independent movement. Homebound seniors who use Brodamobility wheelchairscanengage freely with their surroundings and live their lives to the fullest — without worrying about the safety concerns that accompany more basic geriatric chairs.

4. Durability

Broda products,above all else,endure. While some wheelchairs might have a lower upfront cost, their longevity can’t compare to Broda wheelchairs. All users have different body types, which is why we personalize our wheelchairs to help seniors achieve independent home living for years to come.

Our wheelchairs can accommodate users with an array of needs. For people up to 600 pounds, ourtilt wheelchairs evenly redistribute pressure. Our chairs are also built for users who have condition-specific seating needs. Seniors who have Huntington’s disease, for example, can rely on our specially padded chairs to stay stable and resist tremors. 

Broda Offers Ideal Wheelchairs for Independent Home Living

Homebound seniors shouldn’t have to settle for limited lives. They deserve to feel safe and supported by their seating while performing their daily activities independently. Beyond that, they deserve the happiness that comes from this freedom — Broda wheelchairs help them do just that.  

Get in touchwith us today to learn more about our seating options and how they can make a difference in your life or that of a loved one.