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Broda 40 Years

Celebrating Four Decades of Comfort

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Real Stories, Real Comfort

Exceptional Growth with Broda Transport Wheelchairs

Kevin Hedrington knows what it’s like to experience accessibility challenges. As a disabled veteran, Kevin decided to start a business offering friendly, reliable non-emergency medical transportation for the people of his home city, Battle Creek, Michigan. For his business, he uses the Synthesis Transport Wheelchair. “It fits the need for a travel wheelchair at a quality much higher than other WC19 certified wheelchairs.”

Kevin Hedrington,
Battle Buddy Mobility
Michigan, USA

Much Better Than a Geri Chair

Mike McAdams, ATP has over 24 years of experience in skilled nursing and long-term care. “Skilled nursing has too many basic, generic solutions, like geri chairs, that do more harm than good. If you had chairs like Broda offers with infinite adjustability and positioning pads, you’d be able to alter them from patient to patient and meet each person’s specific needs. Each Broda wheelchair lasts for so many years and can be repurposed for multiple patients.” 

Mike McAdams, ATP, COTA,
Assistive Technology Professional, Certified Occupational Therapy Assistant

A Full-Circle Career with Broda

Brian Peacock is a certified Assistive Technology Professional (ATP) who now serves as a Broda Sales Development Representative in Texas. In his former roles, Brian has successfully used the Encore Rehab wheelchair for his clients and seen phenomenal results. With its comfortable design and easy-to-use customizations, Brian has seen many people regain their independence and quality of life.

Brian Peacock, ATP,
Sales Development Representative
Texas, USA

Exceptional Growth with Broda Transport Wheelchairs

Kevin Hedrington knows what it’s like to experience accessibility challenges. As a disabled veteran, Kevin decided to start a business offering friendly, reliable, non-emergency medical transportation for the people of his home city, Battle Creek, Michigan. For his business, he uses the Synthesis Transport Wheelchair because “It fits the need for a travel wheelchair at a quality much higher than other WC19 certified wheelchairs”

Kevin Hedrington,
Battle Buddy Mobility
Michigan, USA

Saving 75% on NEMT Costs

When it comes to non-emergency medical transportation (NEMT) in long-term care, many facility administrators find themselves paying an arm and a leg. This was certainly the case for Brian Murphy during his time as the Executive Director of Mountain View Care Center, a skilled nursing facility (SNF) in Tuscon, AZ. His costs were high and his residents were being transported via gurney rather than in a comfortable transport wheelchair. With Broda, he helped his facility save 75% on NEMT.

Brian Murphy,
Executive Director
Mountain View Care Center
Arizona, USA

Improving Seating Tolerance Like No Other

“With the design of the Comfort Tension Seating® system of the Broda line of wheelchairs, the patient experience and quality of life in our facility has improved with the tolerance of being able to sit for longer periods to enjoy getting rehab care and doing activities away from the bedside. Broda’s Synthesis Positioning Wheelchair with the adjustable seat tilt and back recline features helped these patients develop a tolerance for sitting, a feature unavailable in a standard bedside geriatric or reclining chair.

Gary Y. G. Wong, RRT, MBA,
Director of Respiratory Services
Islands Skilled Nursing
Hawaii, USA
Friendly relationship between caregiver and happy eldery woman d

Hope for My Alzheimer’s Patient

We have a woman in our facility with Alzheimer’s Disease who was slumping forward in her chair with her head in her lap. She was very uncomfortable and had become unsociable and extremely grumpy. We placed her in the Broda Pedal chair and were amazed at the immediate change in her disposition. She not only sat upright, but she started pedaling around in the chair. She had such an improvement in her posture and attitude and we were able to reduce her medication dosage.

Facility Administrator

Minnesota, USA

Health visitor and a senior woman.

No Problems with Skin Integrity After Broda

We have not had any skin breakdown with our residents in the Broda Tilt Recliner chairs since we started using them four years ago. We attribute this to the design of the straps allowing for moisture wicking as well as the ability to easily position the chair in a tilt and/or recline position for pressure relief.

Jaclyn A., OTR/L

Director of Occupational Therapy 

New York, USA

Angel Care Medical Equipment Sales Van

Angel Care Medical

Angel Care prides itself on partnering with key manufacturers, like Broda who have quality products. “It’s really all about our products and service first…Typically, what you’ll see in Hospice and long-term care, it’s the cheapest product you can get just so the facility generates more revenue. But that also can have a negative impact on their quality outcomes so, at Angel Care, we try to always offer higher quality products and service that provides facilities with better outcomes for those facilities and our community over the long term.”

Dan Halas


Angel Care Medical

Ohio, USA

Latitude Pedal Rocker

Dignity for a Down Syndrome Client

I had a client with a diagnosis of Down syndrome. He was unable to walk and had scooted on the floor his entire life. He had a significant pressure injury on his coccyx and was a safety concern for himself and others. An assessment was completed with the Latitude (Rocker) Wheelchair and it worked perfectly for him. He was able to recreate the same scooting movements he always had with the Latitude’s low seat surface height and the rocking engaged. Along with the pressure redistribution of the Comfort Tension Seating®, this allowed the injury to begin healing. It was so great to see him off the floor for the first time and his reaction let everyone know he was happy with his new wheelchair.

Kim McGrath

Regional Sales Manager

New Brunswick, CAN

Synthesis Rehab Wheelchair in Layed Back Position

Getting Out of Bed with a TBI

“My son has had a Broda chair for the past 8 years. He was 23 years old when he acquired his [Traumatic Brain Injury] from a motorcycle accident. The Broda chair has allowed him to be up out of bed on a daily basis. If not for his Broda, he wouldn’t be able to get out of bed because he has no truck control and cannot sit in other chairs for any extended periods.”


Michigan, USA

Synthesis Positioning Wheelchair in Red Outside

Easier Transfers & Repositioning

The Broda Products make it easier for caregivers to provide optimal care with less stress on the client and the caregiver. For example, easier transfers, easier repositioning , less maintenance, and easier mobility.

Carol Purdue, MS/OTR

Rosetta Hoffmeyer and her grandchildren celebrate her 90th birthday

Comfort & Peace of Mind

“My grandmother spent the last few years of her life in the Broda Centric Positioning Wheelchair. This was a relief to see her out of bed and comfortable in her wheelchair throughout the day. When we visited we were able to easily push her around the care facility, chatting with her and the other residents. The functionality and simplicity of Broda clearly contributed to a better quality of life for my grandmother in her final years. A few years later this personal experience later led me to join Broda as Head of Marketing! “

Nick Hoffmeyer

Vice President of Marketing


Missouri, USA

Blue Broda wheelchair on an outside balcony

Increasing Quality of Life at School

I work with a young man named Mason. Mason is 19 years old and has had his Broda chair for approximately two and a half years. The Broda chair is what I would consider as life-changing for him. It has been a positive and significant influence in Mason’s quality of life here at school.



Ohio, USA

caregiver placing hand on the arm of man in wheelchair

We Were Amazed How Quickly He Improved

My facility had been trying for months to accommodate our Huntington’s resident with comfortable seating, however, he would scream out in pain from his pressure sores, was always unhappy, and didn’t show any type of positive communication while in the other chairs. As soon as he was placed in the Broda Elite Positioning Wheelchair, he never made a sound of pain or cried out in anger, and he actually tried to communicate with those around him. We were so pleased this gentleman did not need as much supervision and care as he had in the other chairs he had tried. We were so amazed at how quickly his behavior improved with Broda.

Physical Therapist

New York, USA

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