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  • Unlike basic transport wheelchairs, the Traversa is crash-tested for the highest safety rating.
  • The Traversa offers better passenger comfort than a basic wheelchair option.
  • Reduce the risk of driver injury by using the Traversa’s safety features.
  • The Traversa is designed especially for use in an NEMT setting, unlike multi-purpose wheelchairs.
  • Broda offers an outstanding 5-year warranty on the Traversa Transport Wheelchair frame.

Many wheelchairs on the market are advertised as “transport wheelchairs,” but what does that truly mean? Just because a wheelchair is designated as a “transport wheelchair” doesn’t mean that it meets the rigorous safety standards necessary for use as a vehicle seat during transit. In fact, many of these products are made from flimsy materials that don’t stand a chance in the event of an accident.

Instead, choose a transport wheelchair that was designed especially for Non-Emergency Medical Transportation (NEMT), such as the Traversa. Investing in an NEMT wheelchair ensures that you’re getting a product that has been crash-tested to meet the highest standards in durability and passenger safety. Even better, the Traversa was designed with the needs of NEMT operators first in mind.

1. Crash-Tested for the Ultimate Safety Rating

All Traversa Transport Wheelchairs are crash-tested by the University of Michigan Transportation Research Institute (UMTRI). UMTRI tests according to the ANSI/RESNA WC19 standards Wheelchair Standards for Wheelchairs Used as Seats in Motor Vehicles. Testing includes a frontal-impact test at 30 mph with a crash dummy occupant secured in the wheelchair. After impact, UMTRI evaluates the design and performance of the wheelchair, including:

  1. Wheelchair securement points and vehicle anchor points
  2. Lateral stability of wheelchairs during travel
  3. Vehicle-anchored belt restraints
  4. And much more

Before purchasing your next transport wheelchair, check to make sure it has been crash-tested to meet the WC19 standards.

The Traversa Transport Wheelchair (left) is crash tested and WC19 compliant, a benefit that not all standard transport wheelchairs can offer.

2. Better Passenger Comfort

One of the major advantages of using the Traversa wheelchair is that it offers Broda’s industry-famous Comfort Tension Seating®. Comfort Tension Seating on the wheelchair seat and back surfaces molds to the passenger’s body, relieving their unique pressure points. This specialized level of comfort makes the Traversa the perfect solution for those who use Non-Emergency Medical Transportation services.

While other basic transport wheelchairs are one-size-fits-most, the Traversa provides a custom fit with a few easy adjustments! Passengers of up to 450 lbs. can enjoy a comfortable ride with adjustable seat width, arm rests, leg rests, and upper lateral supports!

Diagram Showing How the Chair Fits Most Passengers

Furthermore, the wheelchair has a tilt and recline feature that allows for customized positioning, providing maximum comfort and reducing the risk of pressure sores, which can develop during transit.

These features make the Traversa Transport Wheelchair a much more comfortable option than a standard transport wheelchair, ensuring that users can experience your services in complete comfort.

Seating for non-emergency medical transportation should be comfortable and ergonomic for the passenger. Oftentimes, passengers travel on stretchers or in basic transport wheelchairs, which do little to support their posture. In these scenarios, the passenger may arrive at their destination in worse shape than when they boarded your vehicle.

In these uncomfortable seating solutions, a passenger may develop a painful pressure injury which may worsen over time. Weaker passengers may develop soreness in their back or could even experience bruises or fractures on a bumpy ride.

Animated Gif Showing the Traversa Chair Seat Being Elevated

3. Reduced Risk of Driver Injury

Unlike a standard, lightweight transport wheelchair, the Traversa reduces the risk of driver injury by promoting safe ways to move and reposition the passenger.

Rather than lifting passengers in and out of the transport wheelchair manually, the Traversa lays flat, like a stretcher, and passengers can simply transfer sideways from their bed into the wheelchair. Pressurized cylinders make it easy for a single operator to lift the passenger into an upright sitting position with no strain on their back. The same kind of cylinder operates the tilt feature. The Traversa also raises and lowers with an ergonomic foot pump. The driver can adjust the height without bending over or straining their back, making the Traversa a much safer option than a basic stretcher.

Man in Traversa Chair Inside a Van.

4. Designed Especially for NEMT

Traversa Transport Wheelchairs are specifically designed with NEMT operators in mind. They are easy to use and require only one operator, as opposed to the typical two-person lifting method commonly used with standard transport wheelchairs. This ensures greater efficiency and minimizes the risk of injury to the NEMT operator.

Additionally, the Traversa is highly durable and built to last. While stretchers have a reputation for expensive maintenance, Traversa maintenance is simple and affordable. This makes the Traversa a cost-effective solution with a high return on investment for NEMT operators.

The Traversa also features a secure wheel locking mechanism, which keeps the wheelchair in place during transfers, trips, and any other time a passenger should be stationary. Another great feature of the Traversa is the bicycle-style hand brake. This brake can be used to stop or slow the wheelchair while going down ramps or hills, when engaging the wheel lock wouldn’t be possible.

Overall, the Traversa wheelchair is a superior option for NEMT operators, delivering excellent user comfort, durability, ease of use, and safety.

5. Guaranteed by a 5-Year Warranty

To ensure that you get the most out of your investment in the Traversa Transport Wheelchair, it comes with an industry-leading 5-year warranty. That is double the length of warranties offered on standard transport wheelchairs of lower quality. This extended warranty provides peace of mind, giving you assurance that your investment will be protected for years to come. With the Traversa Transport Wheelchair, you can rest assured that your passengers will experience maximum comfort and safety while also enjoying long-term reliability from your purchase.

The Traversa Transport Wheelchair is ideal for Non-Emergency Medical Transportation operators looking to provide their passengers with a safe and comfortable transportation experience while increasing trip revenue. With its tilt and recline features, ergonomic backrest, and Comfort Tension Seating system providing superior comfort during transit, it’s clear to see why passengers request the Traversa for their travel.

NEMT operators love the crash-tested safety standards and an easy one-person lift operation that reduces operator strain. With its 5-year warranty, the Traversa gives you peace of mind knowing your long-term investment will pay off. Investing in the Traversa means getting a superior product designed with passenger safety and durability first in mind – an investment well worth making.

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