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  • Accidents can be a serious threat to a NEMT operator’s businesses.
  • By using crash-tested equipment like the Traversa, you can reduce some common risks in NEMT.
  • The Traversa reduces risk during transfers, ramp usage, lift usage, and on the road.
  • If you want to protect your NEMT business from unnecessary risks, the Traversa Transport Wheelchair is a worthy investment.

In the unfortunate event of a motor vehicle accident, who is liable for passenger injury? Non-Emergency Medical Transportation (NEMT) providers are responsible for their passengers’ well-being and are typically held liable in case of a collision. Lawsuits involving passenger injury can be costly and devastating to a small NEMT business. Because of this, a hot topic in the NEMT industry is how operators can reduce risk and prevent accidents.

Accidents can be serious threats to NEMT operators’ liability

One such solution is the Traversa Transport Wheelchair, which provides a secure and comfortable alternative to traditional stretchers or standard transport wheelchairs. While this wheelchair doesn’t eliminate operator liability, it reduces the risk of injury due to falls or other accidents.

The Traversa Transport Wheelchair is easy to use. Features like the Pivot Assist System™ make it safer for operators to maneuver in tight spaces, thus speeding up the boarding process.

Improper securement of either the passenger, the wheelchair, or both, is very common in the non-emergency medical transportation industry. Broda designed the Traversa to be compatible with any four-point vehicle tie-down system, making driver training easy and removing the need for fleet modifications.

By using the Traversa Transport Wheelchair instead of a stretcher or a standard transport wheelchair, non-emergency medical transportation operators can ensure that their passengers are transported safely every time.

Reduce Risk with Crash-Tested Equipment

In addition to its advanced features, the Traversa Transport Wheelchair is also WC19 certified, providing another layer of assurance for non-emergency medical transportation providers and their clients in the case of an accident. This certification ensures that the wheelchair has undergone rigorous testing to meet the highest safety standards for transporting individuals with limited mobility. The WC19 certification requires that the wheelchair be crash-tested and meets specific requirements for securement systems and occupant restraints. This means that NEMT providers can have peace of mind knowing that their clients are being transported in a wheelchair that has been thoroughly tested and certified to protect them in the event of an accident.

The Traversa Transport Wheelchair (left) is crash tested and WC19 compliant, a benefit that not all standard transport wheelchairs can offer.

It doesn’t take a crash for your passengers to become injured while using your services. Even if you hire the safest drivers and purchase the most durable equipment, accidents frequently occur. Injuries are most common while transferring into and out of the wheelchair. Vehicle ramps and lifts are common sites for injury as well.

Liability During Transfers

In order for a passenger to transfer from their bed, couch, exam table, or other flat surface into a standard transport wheelchair, they must either perform a standing transfer or use a mechanical lift. Both of these transfer processes involve multiple people and come with significant fall risks. Avoid the need for risky transfers by using the Traversa Transport Wheelchair. The Traversa’s recline feature, removable arm and shoulder supports, and optional transfer rollboard make it simple to slide your passengers into the wheelchair without them standing up. After your client is lying comfortably in the Traversa, simply raise them from the reclined position into a seated position. To help them back onto their couch or bed after their trip, reverse the process.

Healthcare Worker Assisting a Women Move From The Traversa Wheelchair to Her Bed

Falls While Boarding & Alighting

The Traversa Transport Wheelchair is designed to keep passengers safe and secure while boarding and alighting from vehicles. With its adjustable headrests, shoulder supports, and seatbelts, the wheelchair provides optimal support for passengers of all sizes. Additionally, its unique design allows it to be used with a variety of wheelchair ramps so that passengers can board or exit the vehicle safely without worrying about slipping or falling out of their wheelchair. These features work together to ensure that NEMT operators transport their passengers safely while simultaneously reducing their liability risks.

Protect Your Business with the Traversa Transport Wheelchair

With the combination of fall prevention features, durability, and WC19 certification, the Traversa Transport Wheelchair offers an unparalleled level of protection and safety for non-emergency medical transportation. Having the right equipment is crucial for NEMT operators to lower risks. If you are an operator who wants to protect their passengers and their business, the Traversa may be the right fit for your fleet.

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