Many of us take the ability to perform activities of daily living, or ADLs, for granted until we can no longer do so. Routine activities like getting out of bed, using the bathroom, or making a pot of coffee are challenging for many individuals. For these people, it’s crucial to be able to comfortably and safely go about their lives.

One of the most dangerous ADLs people face is showering. In wet environments, the risk of falling is much higher than usual. Evidence shows that bathroom falls are more severe than bedroom falls because bathrooms are built with hard surfaces and fixtures. Even when these fixtures are constructed to minimize any water-related risks, barriers designed to stop water from spilling — such as shower enclosures or lips — can pose a tripping hazard.

Without the right equipment, showers can pose a severe danger to patients and caregivers alike. On top of that, many of the standard shower chairs are made with PVC pipe and don’t have enough capacity. Broda’s Revive Shower Commode and Revive Bariatric Shower Chair, on the other hand, have higher capacities and can support bariatric patients — an elusive quality in shower chairs. The Revive’s 400-pound weight capacity and the Revive Bariatric’s 800-pound capacity support patients with all body types and care needs.

The Revive and Revive Bariatric devices are, more than anything, safe. They include belts to hold patients in place, providing a comfort level that people don’t necessarily need when it comes to shower commodes. At the same time, it’s a comfort level that makes the necessity of using those devices a better experience overall.

Broda’s shower commodes also recline to any position, quickly transitioning from incredibly low to upright positions. The back recline functionality positions patients in a way that’s ideal for caregivers, enabling them to clean patients’ abdominal areas and wash their hair more safely and efficiently.

Double the Dynamic Benefits

Patients who pair the Revive or Revive Bariatric with a standard chair from Broda benefit in myriad ways that span the continuum of care. As patients move through life, their equipment also needs to move and change — our products are designed with that in mind. Broda has the equipment people need to experience the freedom of mobility, continue to perform ADLs, and maintain quality of life.

Most of all, patients who use Broda’s chairsin conjunction with our Revive Shower Commode and Revive Bariatric Shower Chair benefit from the safety they offer. These chairs can be customized to each patient’s needs, no matter how specific those might be. Patients can transition from one chair that’s customized for their comfort throughout the day to another that allows them to be comfortable and safe during their most vulnerable times, such as when they shower. Further, patients can maintain excellent hygiene by bathing and caring for themselves without any of the fear commonly associated with these tasks.

A chair made to serve and protect patients in the face of vulnerable ADLs, such as showering, is key for maintaining a good quality of life. Even if shower commodes are only used for a routine activity that might only take 15 minutes each day, patients will find great comfort in security and security in great comfort.

Key Features of Revive and Revive Bariatric

  • Tilt and Recline. Both seating options give patients more functionality than the average shower chair. Because many other shower commodes are built with PVC piping, they fail to provide patients and caregivers with positioning options or functionality — unlike Broda’s shower commodes.
  • Positioning Straps. Another key feature of these chairs is their positioning straps, which keep patients comfortable and safely in place.
  • Customization. The Revive Bariatric Shower Chair and the Revive Shower Commode can both be sized for patients, decreasing the odds that they slip out of their chairs or that caregivers struggle to transfer them.
  • Support. Our shower commodes are built to support patients. For example, the wheelchair footrest on the Revive folds to make front transfers easier and safer. Patients can also add water-resistant lateral supports to either shower chair.
  • Longevity. Finally, the Revive and Revive Bariatric shower chairs are built with stainless steel frames. All of Broda’s products are designed for durability, and our shower chairs are no exception.

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