It’s 9:00 am on a Monday morning and you are greeted by your local compliance surveyor. What’s your response? Are you panicked and worried? Or are you ready?

Understanding the complexities of a compliance survey can seem like hitting an ever-moving target. Broda has prepared an accreditation compliance Survey Readiness Packet that provides the tips and tools needed to prepare you and your team for any compliance survey. With valuable resources, guides and explanations, you will be able to provide clean, detailed explanations of need and justify the use of Broda’s chairs or wheelchairs in your facility.

The use of Durable Medical Equipment plays a big part in meeting the needs of your patients. Choosing the equipment that best meets the needs of your patients can be challenging. Identifying medical necessity, completing your assessment, ordering evaluations and obtaining physician’s orders are just a few of the steps required when choosing the appropriate equipment.

Broda is here to help and we have made it our mission to provide tools and resources that aid you in selecting the best chair for your patients. With tools on the Education Section of our website, Anatomical Assessment Forms and Decision Tree, you and your team will be prepared for your next Survey.

Be sure to check out;

  1. Broda’s Accreditation Compliance Survey Readiness Guide provides all the new tools and resources we have created with you in mind.
  2. Anatomical Assessment Forms (Standard and Bariatric) aids in completing the patient assessment ensuring the chair meets the patient’s individualized needs.