Choosing the right wheelchair is critical, whether for personal use, for a facility, or for non-emergency medical transportation (NEMT). Two standout options from Broda come to mind: the Synthesis Positioning Wheelchair and the Traversa Transport Wheelchair (patent pending). Both are designed with patient comfort and safety as priorities, but they cater to different needs and care settings.


NEMT Solution: Traversa Transport Wheelchair by Broda

Traversa Transport Wheelchair

Synthesis Positioning Wheelchair by Broda

Synthesis Positioning Wheelchair

Who is it Designed For?

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Many NEMT passengers

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One specific passenger

Use Setting

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Commercial NEMT services

Personal use at home or within a medical facility


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Infinitely Adjustable Tilt & Recline

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Adjustable fit

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Weight Capacity

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450 lbs. (204 kg)

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350 lbs. (159 kg)

Elevating Seat Height

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Pivot Assist ™ System (for easy lateral movement)

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Traversa Transport Wheelchair: The NEMT Operator’s Dream

NEMT Solution: Traversa Transport Wheelchair by Broda

Key Features:

  • Designed especially for NEMT efficiency and accommodates passengers up to 450 lbs. with ease.
  • Height adjustability with an ergonomic foot pump for easy lateral transfers.
  • Narrows or widens to fit most passengers with a few simple adjustments.
  • Crash-tested to meet the WC19 safety regulations, reducing risk for operators.
  • Equipped with the Pivot Assist™ System for easy side-to-side movement.
  • Full vinyl wrapping for enhanced appearance and easy cleaning.
  • Includes a four-point chest harness for passenger safety.
  • Compatible with your fleet, fitting seamlessly with standard securement systems.

Leading the future of comfort and mobility for non-emergency medical transportation (NEMT), the Traversa Transport Wheelchair is designed for NEMT operators who cater to a variety of passengers. It’s praised for its durability and safety. Drivers also love the easy-to-use adjustment features and the compatibility with their fleet vehicles, making it an operator’s ally in the field.

The Traversa offers convenience and safety not only to passengers but also to drivers. It’s a product built to serve the NEMT industry, reducing the risk of injury and optimizing the time spent on each transport.

GIF of the Traversa Transport Wheelchair by Broda

Synthesis Positioning Wheelchair: Personalized Comfort for Every User

Synthesis Positioning Wheelchair by Broda

Key Features:

  • An emphasis on personal use for everyday life.
  • Made-to-order sizing allows for a tailored fit.
  • A weight capacity of up to 350 lbs.
  • Optional WC19 Transport Package meets crash test regulations for safety and confidence.
  • Features infinitely adjustable tilt and recline for optimal positioning.
  • Offers personalization for individual tastes, including a wide selection of colors and accessories.

The Synthesis Positioning Wheelchair from Broda, known for its remarkable comfort and positioning features, appeals to users seeking a reliable and custom-fit wheelchair. Broda’s Positioning series combines the benefits of comfort with the functionality needed for daily and occasional transport use.

In short, the Synthesis Positioning Wheelchair is an excellent choice for individuals who are dependent on a caregiver for mobility and require a comfortable and secure vehicle transport option.

For more independent users, our Encore Pedal Wheelchair and Encore Rehab Wheelchair also offer the optional WC19 transport package! 

Side-by-Side: Personalization vs. Flexibility

The Synthesis is your go-to for personal, custom-fit comfort, reflecting Broda’s benefit of ensuring individuals with varying conditions are positioned and secured well for their daily needs. The Synthesis aims to enhance an individual’s quality of life outside of their home while providing the necessary support for those occasional trips

Elderly man sitting in a Synthesis Positioning Wheelchair while holding a book
The Synthesis Positioning Wheelchair is the perfect companion for everyday care, providing comfort, safety, and mobility, made-to-order especially for the user.

The Traversa, on the other hand, extends beyond personal use. It’s a high-caliber investment that streamlines the transfer process, designed meticulously with the NEMT requirements in mind. Adjustable, flexible, and potentially increasing trip capacity, this wheelchair promises to improve operational efficiency and client satisfaction.

What to Choose?

It boils down to the environment and purpose. If you’re purchasing for individual use, emphasizing day-to-day comfort and positioning, the Synthesis Positioning Wheelchair is a matchless mobility solution. This is a wheelchair that pledges longevity and profound comfort. Start your Broda journey by perusing their catalog of positioning solutions.

For NEMT operators, the Traversa Transport Wheelchair presents unparalleled safety and efficiency. Its flexibility and driver-friendly features underline a solid, long-term investment that prioritizes safety, convenience, and passenger contentment. Removing logistic barriers and boosting operator profits, it’s clear why Traversa is a preferred partner in the NEMT realm.

NEMT Operator pushing a passenger in the Traversa Transport Wheelchair up a ramp into a vehicle
The Traversa transport wheelchair is compatible with most NEMT vehicle fleets.

Making the Decision

In summary, the Synthesis offers comfort and individuality for single users, while the Traversa shines as a beacon of efficiency and versatility for commercial NEMT providers. Whichever path you choose, Broda ensures an equipment standard that reflects professionalism, expertise, and an unwavering commitment to comfort and safety.

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