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  • Operating an NEMT business can be expensive! With the Traversa Transport Wheelchair, you can save on costs and increase your profitability.
  • The Traversa is more affordable than a stretcher or gurney, saving you money on equipment.
  • Maintenance costs add up quickly. The Traversa requires less maintenance than a stretcher.
  • Lower your labor costs! The Traversa only requires one operator, rather than two.
  • Increase your trip capacity for even more revenue.
  • The Traversa fits in smaller vehicles, lowering your vehicle investment, fuel costs, and more.

Running a non-emergency medical transportation (NEMT) service doesn’t have to be so expensive. Many operators are looking for ways to reduce costs with high equipment costs, rising insurance rates, and ever-increasing wage demand. The Traversa Transport Wheelchair is a great solution. This wheelchair is less expensive than standard NEMT seating solutions like stretchers and gurneys. It also includes additional features for passenger comfort. The Traversa is designed with durability in mind, so it will last for years and require minimal maintenance. The long-term investment value of this product makes it the perfect choice for any NEMT company hoping to increase profit margins while providing an improved customer experience.

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Lower Your Initial Investment

Many NEMT operators use a stretcher or gurney for transporting their passengers. These specialized pieces of equipment are expensive. The Traversa Transport Wheelchair offers even more comfort and versatility at a fraction of the price.

Lower Your Equipment Maintenance Costs

Equipment costs can eat into your ROI. Stretchers tend to need replacement parts often. The caster wheels, for example, may need replacement as often as every six months, and they can cost up to $500 apiece. When it does come time to replace a piece on your Traversa Transport Wheelchair, such as a wheel or a cylinder, the parts are affordable, making maintaining your fleet much more cost-effective. Broda also offers a 5-year warranty on the Traversa wheelchair frame and a 2-year warranty on all parts and accessories, meaning you have no maintenance costs for routine wear and tear during those time periods.

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Lower Your Labor Costs

One of the most significant factors for ROI is wages. The average NEMT driver’s wage in the United States is $22/hour. Per year, that adds up to $45,162 per employee.1 Having two operators for a stretcher or gurney is more than just an industry standard – according to the leading medical cot manufacturers, it’s a requirement for passenger safety. The Traversa Transport Wheelchair on the other hand, is easier to maneuver than a gurney or stretcher. This means that it only takes one employee to complete the trip instead of two. With the Traversa Transport Wheelchair, many NEMT operators can cut their workforce expenses by as much as 50%.

Increase Your Trip Capacity

If your business has room to grow, using the Traversa can free up resources so you can accept more trips. You can invest in more vehicles to expand your capacity rather than sending two employees for every trip. As a bonus, trips with the Traversa typically take less time to complete. Rather than maneuvering a bulky stretcher and taking extra time to avoid common fall risks, passengers can quickly and comfortably complete their trip with the Traversa Transport Wheelchair.

The wheelchair raises and lowers to the height of the passenger’s bed or sofa and reclines to lay completely flat. Removable armrests and shoulder supports allow passengers access to the wheelchair seat without requiring manual lifting. Specially weighted cylinders help the operator raise the client back into a seated position without strain.

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Increase ROI by Using Smaller Vehicles

Fleet management is another daunting cost of operating an NEMT business. Many operators find themselves spending more money to purchase larger vans that can accommodate stretchers. The Traversa Transport Wheelchair fits easily into smaller transport vans. Smaller vehicles can help you save money on vehicle purchase price,  fuel, insurance, maintenance, and more.

If you’re looking for an efficient way to save money on your NEMT business, the Traversa Transport Wheelchair is the perfect solution. With its lower initial investment cost and long-term durability and savings potential, it’s a great choice for any operator looking to maximize profits.

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