Individuals who present with one or more of the following conditions:
A. Decreased muscle tone in upper extremity and/or shoulder subluxation or at risk for shoulder subluxation

Adjustable armrest assists with proper height positioning of upper extremities. Providing adequate support and positioning of the upper extremities decreases postural deviations. Height adjustable armrests assist in managing current or potential shoulder subluxation by allowing for frequent adjustment and proper positioning of the arm.

B. Decreased postural stability/control

Having upper extremities supported assists with proper postural trunk support by promoting a more midline position. Providing proper support and positioning decreases postural deviations and facilitates functional use of the upper extremities. Improved posture aids in enhancing blood flow, obtaining a more considerable expansion of the thoracic diaphragm and improved organ function and capacity.

C. Unable to or unsafe to perform stand pivot transfers or uses a slide board for transfers

Swing away and/or removable armrests accommodate the use of patient lifts and facilitate safer transfers by providing better access to the patient. With the chair laid flat and the arm removed a supine transfer can be completed (on the Synthesis). Swing away and/or removable armrests can also aid in the completion of bowel and bladder protocols, changing of incontinence products and participation in activities of daily living.

D. Decreased ability to reposition upper extremity and/or severe discomfort or agitation with standard arm rests

Height adjustable armrests allow caretakers to adjust an individual’s arm throughout various heights, which is necessary for pressure reduction, edema control and/or comfort. Proper positioning of the upper extremities also aids in maintaining a midline posture and improves postural stability. Improved postural stability can aid in decreasing postural deviations such as but not limited to; slumping, sliding, falling forward and lateral lean.

E. An upper extremity with a cast, sling or brace

The ability to swing away and/or remove the armrest accommodates casts, slings, braces and other types of devices. Height adjustable armrests provide proper support and allow for frequent repositioning of the upper extremities, aiding in pain management and/or relief, as well as the management of edema and postural support. The armrests can be adjusted to accommodate and support the weight of the cast, sling or brace improving patient comfort, endurance and ability to engage with their surroundings.

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