Meet Liam, one of our youngest and most enthusiastic chair users. The Broda Aspire Pediatric Glider has given him excellent clinical results as well as increased environmental enjoyment.

Despite his triple diagnoses of Down syndrome, cerebral palsy, and congenital heart disease, Liam is always on the move. In order to keep him happy and healthy, Liam’s mom, Julie, was constantly looking for ways to improve his quality of life. Especially important was Liam’s physical activity. One thing that she noticed was that Liam seemed to be the most content when rocking back and forth in his seat. After this realization, she searched for tools to help Liam to be more engaged in learning and socializing at school.

Gliding Through Learning & Development

Through his school, Liam was provided with a basic rocking chair to accommodate this desire to move. This first solution, however, only provided limited motion. Knowing Liam’s tendency to rock back and forthhis school’s Occupational TherapistHeather Garey, OT, recommended the Broda Aspire Pediatric Glider. She knew the sensory input from the Aspire would provide the assistance he needed for learning, focus, and enjoying his time at school. As a result, Heather saw the improvements she anticipated.

A Therapist’s Perspective

When Liam received his Aspire glider in the classroom, it was love at first sight. He was so happy, smiling ear to ear when he was in the Broda glider,” says Heather.From an occupational therapy perspective, Heather was also pleased with Liam’s clinical outcomes. The glider had increased his vestibular sensory input and was promoting strengthening his muscles in the lower extremities,” she remarked. 

Bringing the Aspire Home

Liam poses in his Aspire glider

Since Liam loved using the Aspire at school, Julie wanted to purchase a glider for him to use at homeOnce the Aspire arrived, Julie said, “Liam was so excited. He knew what it was immediately and always reaches out for it.” 
Like Liam, many other children can benefit from the soothing, active movements in their very own Aspire Pediatric Glider. The gentle, fluid gliding motion enhances a child’s ability to learn and safely engage in activities by reducing anxiety, increasing concentration, and providing better overall contentment than a static chair. 

About the Aspire Pediatric Glider 

The Aspire Pediatric Glider is ideal for children ages 3 and up with conditions such as autism spectrum disorder (ASD), developmental delays, ADHD, and many other diagnoses. 

These gliders are perfect for educational settings. They have been successfully used in classrooms, multi-sensory areas, and quiet rooms. The Aspire is also beneficial in therapy centers, hospitals, outpatient centers, and many other healthcare applications. Additionally, home use can create a safe and fun living space for children with cognitive and developmental disabilities. 

Broda Offers Gliders for Adults, Too

Our gliders are also available in adult sizes with the Tranquille Glider. The Tranquille Auto-Locking Glider provides safe and comfortable movement for people who need long-term care. The gliding action is excellent for Alzheimer’s and dementia patients, or for anyone who would benefit from moderate physical activity.

If you have a child, patient, or student who, like Liam, enjoys being on the move, the Aspire or Tranquille Glider may be a great method to increase positive physical and cognitive outcomes!

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