Each Broda wheelchairs has a distinctive serial number. A serial number is a group of numbers and letters that is unique to that individual product. Part of each serial number contains some valuable information about the wheelchair’s age. By knowing your wheelchair’s age, you can determine an appropriate schedule for maintaining and, eventually, upgrading your Broda wheelchair.

What are the components of a Broda serial number?

Broda serial numbers contain a month code (shown below in blue), a year code (shown below in green), and a unique product identification number (shown below in gray). Most importantly, the month and year codes can be used to calculate the age of your wheelchair.

How to Read Your Serial Number

Where do I find the serial number on my Broda wheelchair?

The serial number location may vary slightly, depending on the chair model.

In order to locate your serial number, stand behind your wheelchair and look down. The serial number is printed on a sticker, which will be on the crossbar of the wheelchair’s frame. The bold numbers at the bottom of the sticker are indicated by the words “Serial #.” That is the serial number for your wheelchair.

How do I calculate the age of my Broda wheelchair using the serial number?

Step #1:  Calculate the Month of Manufacture

First, take the Month Code and subtract the number 9.

Month Code – 9 =  Month of Manufacture

10 – 9 = 1 (January)

Step #2: Calculate the Year of Manufacture

Next, take the Year Code and subtract the number 5.

Year Code – 5 =  Year of Manufacture

11 – 5 = 6 (2006)

Avoid breakdowns by paying attention to your wheelchair’s age

The expected lifetime of the frame of a Broda wheelchair is ten years. Other parts and accessories have a two-year expected lifetime. When properly cared for, a wheelchair can last even longer.  

Periodically, you will want to perform routine safety and quality checks. Make sure that all wheelchair components are in good working condition. Knowing the age of your wheelchair can help you determine when the wear and tear. Additionally it can indicate the need for a replacement part or an upgrade to a more recent model. Having this knowledge keeps you ahead of the game when it comes to avoiding breakdowns and accidents due to the use of old wheelchairs or wheelchair components. 

For more information about serial numbers, replacement parts, or wheelchair upgrades, please contact our Customer Service Team. You can reach Customer Service  at 1 (844) 552-7632, by emailing CustomerService@brodaseating.com, or by visiting brodaseating.com/contact-us.