Millions of Americans use wheelchairs, power chairs, or scooters to get around. These chairs enable users to enjoy more physical independence, greater mobility, and a better quality of life. But when wheelchairs need repairs or fail to support users as they should, they can pose risks to chair users’ health and well-being.

About 45% of people who use wheelchairs full time needed repairs to their equipment within six months, according to one study. Furthermore, those who use power wheelchairs required significantly more in the way of repairs — they also saw more frequent consequences from the downtime, such as missing work, school, or medical appointments. Some individuals even became stranded or confined to their beds, and others suffered injuries in different seating as a result of wheelchair breakdown.

Compared with the experiences of people who use manual wheelchairs, the need for frequent repairs — and the complications that accompany downtime or malfunction — is a far more severe issue for power chair users. That’s why powered wheelchair or scooter users should ensure they have a reliable manual backup seating solution in place.

How Broda’s Manual Wheelchairs Can Complement Powered Chairs

Power wheelchair or scooter repairs are a common issue because of how complicated power chairs are and frequent updates to the power system components. Their drive batteries must be kept charged, and any electrical malfunction can quickly render the mobility device unusable. When that happens, Broda’s line of manual wheelchairs and chairs can serve as an ideal supplement for those in need providing safe, comfortable, and highly functional seating when their power chair or scooter is away for repairs.

Some users benefit may simply from having a reliable manual secondary seating option on hand for daily use, mainly because some powered chairs might not best serve their needs 24 hours a day. If someone — or needs — to completely lay completely flat in recline, or tilt at a high degree for pressure relief this can’t be achieved with some scooters or powered wheelchairs (See Broda’s Positioning Wheelchairs for details).

In other home care or facility settings, some powered chairs may be too bulky or cumbersome to maneuver and an ergonomic self-propelled wheelchair can better serve the user (See Broda’s Pedal Wheelchairs for details). Other Broda wheelchairs make it possible for users to easily perform activities of daily living like showering, getting dressed, and even getting out of bed more safely.

A reliable manual wheelchair is an excellent way for those with limited mobility not to be limited in their everyday lives.

3 Features That Help Broda’s Chairs Compliment the Use of a Powered Chair

Broda’s wheelchairs don’t often need repairs, which means they save users time and money while providing some welcome peace of mind. Knowing you can count on reliable seating means you never have to worry about being without a chair.

Here are three critical features of Broda’s chairs that make them a great supplement to your powered chair:

1. Durable by Design
Broda has a reputation for creating and providing reliable, enduring equipment. Broda’s equipment is made from 16-gauge steel and comes with an industry-leading ten-year limited lifetime warranty.

2. Comfort for Care
Finally, Broda provides genuinely comfortable wheelchairs. Each chair evenly distributes a user’s weight through the use of a proprietary Comfort Tension Seating® system to redistribute pressure, reduce heat and moisture buildup, and accommodate micro or macro movements throughout the day. Because people are more comfortable, they can and do use Broda’s chairs for more extended periods than other options in which they might not be able to tolerate over time more rigid or less forgiving seating.

3. Positioning Functionality
Broda’s products also provide users with increased comfort through the ability to reposition with tilt and recline. Users or their caregivers can adjust their positions — even if they can’t independently shift their weight — and tilt to reduce the effects of pressure buildup or to correct their posture. Having more freedom in terms of positioning also improves oxygen, blood flow, and skin integrity.

Powered chairs are great for numerous situations, but they shouldn’t be your only seating option. Pairing a Broda wheelchair with a powered chair or scooter is a great way to make sure you have a safe, comfortable, and reliable alternative whenever you need it.

Eager to learn more about Broda’s line of high-quality chairs? Explore our seating options.