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  • Competition in the NEMT industry is rapidly increasing. To stay on top, operators must constantly innovate, cut costs, and increase profitability!
  • Safety is always the top priority. Choose equipment with a high safety rating to stand out against competitors.
  • Maximize last-minute trip capacity and gain a reputation for your area’s best availability and dependability.
  • Cut unnecessary costs wherever possible. Investing in the Traversa Transport Wheelchair can help!
  • Offer an elevated customer experience – and charge more for it!

The NEMT (Non-Emergency Medical Transportation) industry is a rapidly growing sector of healthcare. NEMT provides accessible transportation services to and from medical appointments, hospital discharges, rehab facilities, social events, and more.

As the demand for these services continues to increase, so do the challenges facing the NEMT industry today. These challenges include rising costs, increased competition, safety concerns, and difficulties with staying ahead of technological advancements.

Despite these issues, there are still plenty of opportunities for NEMT operators to grow their business by leveraging top-of-the-line equipment, cutting unnecessary costs, and increasing efficiency and profitability. With the right strategies in place, operators can remain competitive in this ever-evolving space while providing safe and reliable transportation services for their customers.

Man in NEMT Wheelchair Being Pushed From Behind By a Healthcare Worker

Put Safety First

The safety of NEMT operators and their passengers is of the utmost importance. To ensure the highest levels of safety, NEMT operators must adhere to strict policies and procedures and maintain up-to-date training on applicable laws, regulations, and best practices. It is also essential for NEMT operators to equip their vehicles with crash-tested, WC19 certified wheelchairs. Less expensive, foldable transport wheelchairs are likely to break or become loose in the event of an accident. Wise NEMT operators take their drivers’ safety into consideration as well, choosing wheelchairs that are easy to use and do not require manual lifting.

Maximize Last-Minute Trip Capacity

In addition to safety considerations, one of the greatest opportunities for NEMT operators to increase their business is by focusing on last-minute trips. This includes hospital discharges, doctor appointments,rehab facility transfers, and more. With the right strategies in place, NEMT operators can capitalize on these short-notice requests and provide safe and reliable transportation services for their customers. By investing in top-of-the-line equipment that meets safety regulations and properly training drivers on time-saving practices, NEMT operators will be well-equipped to take advantage of last-minute requests while providing an excellent service experience for passengers.

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Offer Upgraded Convenience and Comfort

To maintain a competitive edge in the NEMT industry, operators must consistently enhance their services and offerings to meet the continually rising expectations of consumers. This may include offering additional services, such as on-demand ride scheduling or specialized wheelchair transports.

When it comes to comfort and dignity, NEMT service providers should strive to ensure that their clients receive the highest quality of care and a stress-free experience. With this in mind, operators should invest in comfortable seating as a basic amenity.

Seating for non-emergency medical transportation should be comfortable and ergonomic for the passenger. Oftentimes, passengers travel on stretchers or in basic transport wheelchairs, which do little to support their posture. In these scenarios, the passenger may arrive at their destination in worse shape than when they boarded your vehicle.

In these uncomfortable seating solutions, a passenger may develop a painful pressure injury which may worsen over time. Weaker passengers may develop soreness in their back or could even experience bruises or fractures on a bumpy ride.

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Cut Unnecessary Costs

The Traversa Transport Wheelchair is a great solution for NEMT operators looking to reduce costs while ensuring the safety of their passengers. This wheelchair doesn’t require two operators like a stretcher, so you can either reduce the size of your workforce or expand your services to offer more trips.

With its sturdy construction and ergonomic design, the Traversa provides comfort and stability during transport while helping reduce maintenance costs associated with stretchers and traditional wheelchairs. Furthermore, this wheelchair eliminates manual lifting requirements, which reduces the risk of workers’ comp injuries among staff members.

As a bonus, the Traversa Transport Wheelchair is also crash-tested and WC19 certified to ensure passenger safety in case of an accident. All these features make the Traversa Transport Wheelchair an excellent choice for those looking to save money on their NEMT operations without sacrificing quality or safety standards.

Lady in a NEMT Wheelchair Being Helped By a Healthcare Worker

Charge More for Elevated Service

By using better equipment and ensuring passengers are more comfortable, many operators realize they can charge more for trips with the Traversa Transport Wheelchair. Referral sources are often willing to pay extra for a trip that honors patient dignity and accommodates their comfort preferences. As a result, operators can offer a premium service at higher margins.

Stay Ahead of Competition with the Traversa

In conclusion, today’s NEMT operators need to stay ahead of the curve when it comes to safety regulations, efficiency, and customer expectations. By leveraging top-of-the-line equipment like the Traversa Transport Wheelchair, operators can cut unnecessary costs while improving the customer experience. All of these elements can help operators stay ahead of the competition and “wow” their customers over and over again.

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