Clinical Justification for Tilt-In-Space Mobility Chairs with low floor-to-Seat Heights and Caregiver activated rocking.

Criteria for Individuals who present with one or more of the following conditions:
A. Individuals who self-propel and are at risk for falls or injuries when using a non-tilting wheelchair

Broda tilt-in-space mobility wheelchairs are designed to accommodate patients who self–propel and require the benefits of tilt-in-space. With a shortened seat height and front pivot point, our mobility chairs provide proper foot to floor placement which places individuals in an ergonomically correct position for self-propulsion. Tilting the seating surface in a posterior direction maximizes the bodies weight and gravity, allowing the patient to remain seated, upright and engaged in functional activities. Leaning the patient in a posterior direction provides proper seating alignment, decreasing patient fatigue, and postural deviations.  Patient falls can be significantly reduced by the decrease in postural deviations and improvement of postural support and stability,

B. Mild agitation and/or tendency to rock

The Pedal Rocker provides a caregiver activated gentle rocking motion that helps to calm agitation and create a soothing effect on the patient. The low adjustable seat to floor height allows for a proper foot on floor position, enabling the resident to maintain the freedom of mobility.

C. Mild Rigidity

The rocking motion of the Pedal Rocker helps to absorb rigid movements to enhance the comfort and safety of the resident. Additionally, the rocking tension can be adjusted by the caregiver to accommodate the changing position of the resident.

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