Criteria for Individuals who present with one or more of the following conditions:
A. At risk for skin breakdown or decreased skin integrity on the lower extremities

Each strap conforms individually to the person’s lower extremity, thus suspending the weight of the person’s legs across multiple points. This distributes the individual’s leg weight more evenly and greatly reduces the amount of pressure. The Comfort Tension Strapping System prevents localized pressure which occurs with standard wheelchair footrest. Our strapping system also allows for superior air circulation that helps reduce or disperse heat and moisture which is beneficial for aiding in the treatment of and/or prevention of wounds. The solid oversized design of the height adjustable footrest allows for the entire lower extremity to be supported, decreasing the risk of injuries being sustained when the leg falls through the opening of standard leg rests.

B. Outstanding bony prominence and/or musculoskeletal deformities/conditions where the lower extremities make contact with the footrest

Each strap conforms individually to the patient depending on the amount of pressure applied. Therefore a user with a bony prominence causes the straps on the footrest to give way or conform to the pressure point instead of creating a higher pressure point which occurs with standard wheelchair leg rests. Also, for an even more significant reduction of pressure and to accommodate individualized needs, select straps may be removed or repositioned.

C. Involuntary, uncontrolled or violent movements in one or both lower extremities

The Comfort Tension Strapping system is designed with smooth straps to cradle the patient while absorbing the energy produced by the movement of the patients. The straps ability to give way during episodic movements dramatically decreases the potential for injuries associated with standard leg rests.

D. Abnormal muscle tone in one or both lower extremity and/or synergistic movement/pattern with the lower extremity

Individuals with increased muscle tone in the lower extremity are at higher risks for increased pressure, especially peak pressures (i.e., a flexor withdraw movement causes the knee to flex which in turn could cause one’s heel to draw up into a leg rest or even calf support.) The overall design of the footrest is ergonomically correct to facilitate proper positioning of lower extremities with low or *flaccid tone. The strapping system is a safe solution as it absorbs energy, reduces pressure and is soft and smooth.

E. Severe agitation or discomfort with standard leg/footrests
Justification for E.

The Comfort Tension Strapping System provides superior comfort and a less noxious feel than standard wheelchair leg rests. With a robust oversized design, our footrest accommodates individuals with flaccid extremities by delivering a broad, stable, and supportive surface. The straps are ideally firm enough to provide necessary support to the lower extremities without causing discomfort. The strapping system disperses weight evenly providing a comfortable supportive surface.

F. Foot drop or at risk for foot drop

The design of the footrest places ankles in a neutral position (90 degrees) for foot drop control and/or foot drop prevention/treatment. The footrest’s neutral position and oversized design best accommodates individuals with flaccid extremities, as it provides a reliable, supportive surface that aids in decreasing the risk of injury.

G. Impaired or abnormal lower extremity sensation

Decreased or absent lower extremity sensation may interfere with the individual’s ability to feel excessive pressure caused from typical footrests or the need to reposition the lower extremity. This in turn may contribute to skin breakdown or excessive discomfort
and/or agitation. The Comfort Tension Strapping System will disperse the weight of the patient’s lower extremities evenly across the leg/footrest for proper support. The leg/footrest can be adjusted easily allowing for the caregiver to properly position and reposition the patient’s lower extremities as needed to aid in the treatment of conditions such as edema.

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