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Seating & Positioning in long-term and complex care can be unComfortable & unSafe

Encore Mobility Wheelchair and Synthesis Tilt Recliner

Trust the Experts in Long-Term Care Seating

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Comfort is Essential as every day 80% of nursing home residents spend time sitting in a wheelchair.1 

Synthesis Tilt Recliner Black Layflat

Make comfortable seating  a part of  long-term care with Broda’s product line that comes ready out-of-the-box integrated with Comfort Tension Seating® for immersive seating & Tilt-in-Space functionality to further offload pressure.

Prevent Pressure Injuries with Broda’s immersive and accommodating seating. Each pressure wound can cost anywhere from $500 to $70,000 to treat.3 and pressure sores and ulcers from uncomfortable seating cost the healthcare industry over $11 Billion in annual expenses4

Reliable Vehicle Transportation with Broda. Avoid the 35% of all wheelchair related injuries that are caused by improper or non-securement of a wheelchair during transportation6.


Long Lasting Equipment backed by four decades of experience (est. 1981) and an industry leading 10-year frame warranty keeps Broda products functioning correctly in the field year after year: providing seating that is Safe, Comfortable & Durable.

Encore Pedal Chair

Our unique front pivot tilt, adjustable seat-to-floor-heights, and wheel options for optimal maneuverability to promote independence and engagement.

Quality of Life is paramount for the 24% of 65+ individuals who need a mobility device to remain active and perform activities of daily living5


Prevent Falls with Broda’s comfortable and safe seating prevents dangerous injuries from non-fatal falls cost the healthcare industry $49.5 billion in 2015 alone, and falls are the leading cause of death for those 65+2

Synthesis Transport Chair bracket

Ensure safety and keep non-emergency medical transportation (NEMT) costs down with Broda’s Synthesis WC19 Wheelchairs that are fully certified by the UMTRI for vehicle transport compliance. 


Ease of Care with Broda meticulously designed products with easy adjustments, best-in-class functionality and customized options that alleviate stress and worry for caregivers and healthcare providers.

Broda chairs and wheelchairs get individuals out of bed and allow them to continue to independently engage with their environments.

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